Arsenal Reserves & Youths

Matt Macey permanent deal to Hibernian confirmed. The guy was here for 7 years and never earned his own thread :sweat_smile:

Must be so frustrating being a reserve goalkeeper. Just spend all the time waiting for an opportunity that’ll probably never come

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Great move for him

Will probably be back in the PL in 3 years and turns into prime Dida against us at the Emirates.

How shit was Macey to get passed over for Runarrsson?

I’ve heard that some people in the youth setup really rate Okonkwo. He just hasn’t played very much because he missed an entire year last year with some mysterious issue that nobody has ever really identified. But he is supposedly very talented.

ESR and Saka = World Class, Fabs and Wilshere eat your hearts out, these boys will take Arsenal to the next level

Nelson and Willock = Total frauds, useless, worthless, sell to Yeovil ASAP for a packet of crisps if we should be so lucky

Hale End what?

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Has it gone bad? Or are they performing to such a decent level that there’s clubs at higher levels wanting them? :grin:

Not playing enough.

This is a reminder that there is still lots of trimming to be done between the senior squad and the U23s.

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Will be paying attention to how he gets on.

The Hale End production factory never stops.


Ah cool. He’s just the right age to be understudy to Bellerin and then take over full time when Heccy B retires.

Watchout Bellerin @Phoebica


Like when you try and prevent your kids from getting in with a bad crowd.

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You spelled Cedric wrong.

Take it for what its worth.

Translation: A source close to Balogon’s contract renewal negotiations for [#جرس_أرسنال]: “The player is open to staying. This option is still on the table despite the interest of a large number of clubs. Negotiations are still going on, and the player imagines staying in the club if the club decides to meet his demands. We will see what results in the coming days.”


Should we be letting 19 year olds cuck us like this? There’s evidence of Arteta giving plenty of minutes to young players. Eddie has only really broken into the team this season and he’s managed by the same company Balogun is represented by. Demanding game time when one of your clients just about has his foot through the door seems impatient and greedy to me.

We’re getting a genuine (past)wonderkid on loan that is 22 years old now and he still can’t break into the Real Madrid team. A stark comparison to Balogun’s position.

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All well and good having a manager who trusts youth but not when he already trusts another youth in your position over you as well as 2 senior players.

If Eddie is staying there’s no reason for Balogun to stay too if he’s got other offers, and we don’t know what Lacazette’s future is. It seems reasonable to want his interests taken into account when you’re asking him to commit for several years.