Arsenal Reserves & Youths

Robbie Burton killed it the other night against Bayern. Never even heard of him before and a quick search of the site also turned up nothing so I’m assuming this dood is a relative unknown.

Freddie must think Bieliek is a scrub for some reason.


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Yeah but before I get excited, where does he end up on your football manager game? :smile:


Balogun > Zaha

This guy is rumoured to be the reason we’re happy to let go of Beilik

Highly rated amongst the club appaz

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Wow this dude is 1.95m. Saliba is 1.93.

Emery is building a wall in the North… of London.


What is this in normal speak :crazy_face:

Are you saying that there is at least one thing that you do normal? :pires2:

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Was okay when I saw him. Heard he’s usually very error prone though.

Good return this tbf.

What is this in feet my good fellow?

I only walk with feet my G, but for you I will also measure. It’s around 6’4 for both.

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The video angle is pretty terrible but you can see the Balogun goals on this link. The third one (at around 2:17) is pretty impressive. Its hard to tell how far out he is but that is a fucking rocket with his left foot. And I’m pretty sure he is right footed (at least he shot an earlier penalty with his right).

With Nketiah up with the first team, I assume Balogun will start all the U23 games at CF this season. He’ll be interesting to watch.

Odd that we’re content on promoting a guy with zero experience outside of Arsenal over one that has a wealth of good, practical experience and is more first team ready than Medley.

I like what I’ve seen of Medley but this seems off. If Chambers and Mavro are spent pieces in the team, then we have more than enough space to occupy Bielik.

Reminds me of this tweet that everyone took the p out of


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It’s really kind of scary how similar Balogun is to Nketiah. It feels like they’ve been running a Get Out type experiment with the likes of Jay Simpson, Sanchez Watt, Akpom, Mavididi, and they’ve finally perfected it with Balogun and Nketiah.

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oh some all time arsenal greats in that list

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And Benik Afobe.

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We’re gonna be Balogunbeattable when he joins the team lullzz :grin: