Arsenal Reserves & Youths


WHAT. Jesus. Why on earth do you think that is!?


MGG is the real draw, not Jonker.


not really much of a shock if no one even knows who he is


Wolfsburg have signed Kaylen Hinds


Never heard of him


Jonker surely using his previous insider info to poach our talent



Dan Crowley has signed permanently with Eredivisie side Willem II


I kind of agree with this. He did seem like he had something about him compared to some of our other youngsters but wasn’t there concerns over his attitude/professionalism? That seems to be the reason given for his two loan spells not working out. However, he is not even 20 yet, so him moving on now is probably a sensible decision, he still has time to forge a decent career.


I love what Hinds, Willock, Crowley etc are doing. I don’t see it as losing out at all, Arsenal are contributing to the wider talent pool in football. They aren’t good enough yet for 1st team regulars and are too good to stay around here otherwise, i.e. stunted by occasional sub appearances or getting 90 mins for as long as we’re in the League Cup.


Official announcement by the club.


Basically every loan he went on their were reposts of him being unprofessional, If he’d have been thrown into the first team like Jorge bird says then he may have done will for a while but eventually his mental attributes would have held him back in the same way they have jack wilshire imo


Good for him. One can only hope that more of the youngsters pick playing time over wages.


Jorge Bird has always overrated Crowley a good deal IMO


best of luck to him and I hope he has a decent enough career, should put a buyback clause on him just in case though


Were he supposed to be one of our “good youngsters”? :xhaka:


He’s a regular fixture at our youth games and has been for years, can you (or any of us) say the same?


I think of the crop for midfield that is at that age, only AMN, JRA, and Nelson seem to have graduation potential. I think Zelalem will go the way of Crowley as well… young Vlad looks promising and a few other youngsters.

I think it is natural part of things to cull the group periodically as they get to that age. Its too bad since I recall thinking “he looks a lot like a young, right-footed Jack” but development is a crapshoot - you have to keep reloading and giving yourself a chance to find a few nuggets in the masses.


Of course not, which is why I would typically defer to his opinion, and why I make a point of disagreeing with it here. Because it has been a case from the beginning, I think, where he saw Crowley as a bigger talent than he in fact is/was (IMO, of course). There are certain players he seems to overrate/take a special fascination with (I’m guessing due to something enthusiastic he hears from someone close to the club–something like “Crowley is one of the biggest talents in _____ yrs”) I think he did so with Eifeld if I recall correctly and he also with Josh DaSilva.


Eisfeld was considered a huge talent at one point tbh.

I remember reading that people (fuck knows who these people were, I would imagine some kind of German coach/pundit/journo) had him on par with Gotze while they were young.