Arsenal Reserves & Youths


Mainly by AC :smile:


Funny that the one that really made it into the Arsenal team was Iwobi.


He’s never seemed a proper talent imo, shades of Wilshere but on the whole didn’t manage to back it up consistently (very Wilshere, ha).


We’re rumored to sign Dutch striker Joshua Zirkzee from Feyenoord. Don’t know much about him other than his position.


You keep saying that but I was bigging him up less than most. @Oliver was actually one of the people who bigged him up the most, he just talked about youths less than I did, because I like(d) to talk about youths a lot.

What’s going on with Jeff Reine-Adelaide? Any news whatsoever on that front? @Burgundy


Haha I remember what I read and made fun of. :smile:


Very true, I was a huge fan of Eisfeld.


Last I read he was given a first team squad number (22).


Akpom is still here!? Leave for your own good ffs




Good luck. Hope you play well and we get a nice transfer fee.


Very happy he’s gonna see game time in a top league, legit first team prospect.


Lol was thinking the same. Forever in the reserves


really hope this isnt what happens to pretty much all of our players loan loan loan give them away for nothing, I think he can be a decent defender.


I’d rather see Bielik tested out in the Bundesliga than get a loan here at a lower standard (Champo) or, even worse, stay here to play Prem 2.

The ones who get decent loans are the lucky ones, they just need that bit of extra luck the other end to get enough game time in a different environment


Good move. He needs competitive football.


It’s a 2 year loan deal with an option to recall, said to have been interest from Hoffenheim too.

The loan deal broke down :confused: Second one this summer I think as Bielik himself said he’d be moving to Norwich.


Live on Derby County website.


Wilshere’s gone full circle. Back to 2009 for him damn.