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It’s really a turning point in the clubs history. Always felt sorry for Wenger that he never got that moment to coach properly in a final.


It’s sad because we really outplayed Barca for around 80 minutes of the game with 10 men. Henry could of put the game to rest a couple of times, but I really believe that had we been at full strength for the entirety of the game we could of beaten Barcelona convincingly. It’s one of those games we’re I feel like we were robbed somehow.

I always hated the fucking bum Almunia, doubly so after his pathetic showing in this final. Really can’t believe that cunt was basically first choice until Woj.

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We were the most organised team in the world at that time. Such a shame.
Still proud of that CL run.

Wenger was so ahead of it’s time at that time. How quickly he deteriorated…

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It’s pivotal moment though and was compounded when Henry then left. Deep down I think a lot of us knew it was over then.


Nahh. I was still superconfidend about the team even after Henry left just beacuse of Wenger.
At that time I always thought he knows what’s he’s doing and everything will go the right way.

I was right. We still had a great season in 08 and managed to asseble a great team in those years, after Henry and the Invincibles. But just when we needed to push on just a litlle bit to win the fucking title (keep a few players, add a few) we didn’t (we sold thos few), we collapsed and and just startet slip slowly and steadily and we still can’t find the way to stop it.

I still query the selection choices Arsene made on the night. The backline of Eboue Kolo Senderos Flamini basically got us to the final after Sol walked out on the team back in February. Reyes also played a significant role in getting us there.

I’ll probably rewatch the Juventus (h) and Real Madrid (a) matches.

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Yeah. I was shocked when I realised Reyes didn’t start the final. I also expected Flamini in the starting XI considering Cole just recovered from the injury…
But you can’t say Wenger was wrong about the line up… Cole had a strong game, Ljungberg did great on the LW, Pires had to go after the red although he was sharp the start.

Nah. That 07-08 team had plenty about it and who the fuck knows where we end up if they didn’t blow it.

Blowing a two goal lead at home to spurs then the Birmingham cup final a couple of months later was when I really started to worry then the fucking 8-2 at the start of the following season.


Favourite home kit ever


The only Arsenal top I’ve owned, still got it though.

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Gotta be honest, I LOVE the redcurrant kit…I thought that was awesome…

I always loved the oversized shirts from the 90’ and 00’

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Never mind the flag, is that a portable heater he’s got in his hand?

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Massive timberland boots with 90s style straight cut jeans
Two Arsenal shirts
A portable heater in his hand

Where do you even begin to start with this?


Allow the TIMBS i still wear mine all the time :rofl: