Arsenal Pics & Vids



That’s my new screen saver.
I must admit it’s nicer than my other one.
A photo of my ex with 2300 dart holes in it.


Didn’t deserve it’s own thread


Anyone who can master Parkour/free running impresses the heck out of me. How they have the confidence, bravery and skill to climb to the top of buildings, knowing one mistake and you’re fucked.

Did make me laugh though when Arsenal released a statement saying they take security very seriously. Clearly not enough.


Extended highlights and full games of matches from previous seasons.

The description reads…

I’ve scoured the internet for Arsenal games and compiled extended highlights from MOTD or other football shows of previous seasons. I think they are all good footage even though the quality might be questionable for some and for very few, the commentary is not in English.

Still, I give enormous credit and appreciation to the original uploaders if they are on this subreddit. Below are the google drive links, the folders group by seasons. There should be more links once I find more footage from older seasons.

All credit to Superwenger, whoever he is!

Enjoy! :slight_smile:


One of the worst things I’ve seen in a long time LOL


If I was Australian, I’d treat that as a declaration of war.


@Aussiegooner @SamInAus @AW49


All just a bit of banter trying to promote the tour to Sydney in July.


I actually thought it was great. Even though a very average version of an aussie lol.


Some stylish designs :giroud: :joy:


Santi is such a funny guy and Hector is so cockney :smiley:





Them two are such jokers, seem to be always messing about.



Lol look at Adams, he is going foxhunting after the match, or maybe to cheltenham!


Would have definitley gone foxhunting last year if hed been around. If only. . .


Arsenal top 10 goals of 2016:

Some crackers in there!


That Ramsey back heel goal at the moment was sensational. Scoring a goal against the scum like that at shite hart lane I thought we’d go on and win 1 nil, fucking refs had to ruin that.