Arsenal Pics & Vids


He has benched Xhaka during the first game not 10 games, after a friendly game where Xhaka was out of the game. I’ve been agreed with him when choosed Elneny (best player on the pitch vs Manchester City) over Granit, especially having two CBs like Chambers and Holding behind the midfield.


Jeff is such a silly boy :slight_smile: It’s always nice to find out a bit more about the youngsters, nice little video



One of my favourite ever pictures. Might get it as an actual picture to hang on my wall at some point in the future. :heart_eyes:


Coach Ljungberg



Well, I wanted Wenger out but I’m not so sure now. :wink:

But, Corden’s training with Theo looks to have worked wonders.


How good is this goal! Diaby starting and finishing the move lol


Great goal! That backheel was perfectly weighted



Arsenal vs Manchester United commentary from :santi: and :ozil:

Mesut has surprisingly good English!



Journalists on Sunday Supplement were impressed.

Jeremy Wilson " I don’t think they will bottle it like the Fabregas group did" :grimacing: Lolll




Amazing goals


Lol :joy: Arsene for the next James Bond film


Not as James Bond though. No foreigners allowed. Except Aussie & Irish.

Bellerin however has no future in acting. :wink:



Really like this exercise. It’s best to practice at passing.