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Les invincibles :fr:

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Ice cold. No smile. Long sleeves. Nike gloves. Match was won at 00:01.


Good old days, now we start the game knowing that we’ll at least concede one goal.

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Would have been interesting to see :joy:

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The talk in the other thread had me thinking of 99’ Arsenal.
This NLD win took us top with *checks notes…only 2 games remaining. Click play to see Anelka making mincemeat out of Sol Campbell and an uncharacteristic (:eyes:) David Seaman error *cough cough *. Also, the visuals are atrocious. Also DB10 :fist: :sweat_drops:

Goal of the season :slight_smile:

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Aubameyang saying thank you like he deserves the credit :smile: Fantastic team goal, but if you want to single out a player it’s Özil.

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Seasons not over though.

Lol thought it would have been Auba vs the scum in December.

Forgot about this goal

Forgive me if this is a repost. I simply couldn’t be bothered to scroll up to May 9th to see if anyone had posted this.

Thierry Henry, Pires, Sol, Parlour, Merson…Hamilton, Redknapp, Carragher

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This video is originally from 2015 so you would be scrolling up for quite a while :wink:

Good vid tho can remember it

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Found these two classics in my loft today. Can’t believe my mum packed them up in a black bag and left them to rot for a couple years.


Own up, which one of you created this account?

@shamrockgooner it was you wasn’t it?

I wish I was that clever.



Awful, when was this?!

Looks like Blackpool. We played them in the league cup last September I think

Played the offside trap beautifully there imo