Arsenal matches on TV

Nightmarish travel back

Simple solution is to not travel back. Who wouldn’t want a Saturday night out in Newcastle?!

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Haha I’ve heard this proposal, too.

It really is great for the ol’ nightlife, is New’assul.

Shithole with scummy people

How so, Hills? Only four hours or less by train.

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I think it’s just the timing of arriving back home now, mate.

As @Phoebica says, however, maybe a few Gooners will stop over overnight.

Works for me as that’ll be the TV game here - unless it’s pre-empted by fucking world series poker or some other shite.

It’s actually the Bass Master Pro fishing tournament sponsored by Master Bate.

Sounds about right.

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Have to click the link to find out, clickbait cunt club

@Calum could have told us, the bastard

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Any early kickoffs?

We play Spurs away on Saturday 27 April, 3PM.

How likely is it this game gets rescheduled for a TV slot?

Just bought tickets for a festival that day, would be very convenient if it gets an early kick-off, or Sunday.

It will 100% be moved to a TV slot. It’s the biggest game that weekend, it’ll be first pick.