Arsenal matches on TV


This thread is to post the Arsenal matches Sky Sports and BT Sport pick throughout the PL season. Games are usually announced in a month or two month batch. August & September were announced this morning:

Arsenal Vs Liverpool
Sunday 14 August
KO: 16:00
LIVE on Sky Sports

Leicester City Vs Arsenal
Saturday 20 August
KO: 17:30
LIVE on BT Sport

Arsenal Vs Chelsea
Saturday 24 September
KO: 17:30
LIVE on BT Sport


Good lad, you’re on it already @Calum :smiley:


Television games for October and November 2016:

Burnley Vs Arsenal
Sunday 02 October
KO: 16:30
LIVE on Sky Sports

Sunderland Vs Arsenal
Saturday 29 October
KO: 12:30
LIVE on Sky Sports

Arsenal Vs Tottenham Hotspur
Sunday 06 November
KO: 12:00
LIVE on BT Sport

Manchester United Vs Arsenal
Saturday 19 November
KO: 12:30
LIVE on Sky Sports

Arsenal Vs AFC Bournemouth
Sunday 27 November
KO: 14:15
LIVE on Sky Sports


Lovin it. We get four games live on a Saturday, one on a Sunday, plus midweek games. Not a pay channel, either.


Televised games for December 2016 & January 2017



Chelsea vs Arsenal
Saturday 04 February
KO: 12:30
LIVE on Sky Sports

Arsenal vs Hull City
Saturday 11 February
KO: 1230
LIVE on Sky Sports


MARCH 2017

Liverpool Vs Arsenal
Saturday 04 March
KO: 17:30
LIVE on BT Sport

Arsenal Vs Leicester City**
Saturday 11 March
KO: 17:30
LIVE on Sky Sports

West Bromwich Albion Vs Arsenal
Saturday 18 March
KO: 12:30
LIVE on Sky Sports

** subject to possible FA Cup 6th Round participation


I was looking at this to head to and almost tagged you yesterday to see if you knew when the march fixtures were out. Cheers Calum :sunglasses:


APRIL 2017:

West Ham isnt on TV just been rescheduled.

The stars mean subject to CL participation but we know we’re out already lol


Very surprised the last NLD isn’t a midday kickoff


The following day is a bank holiday too. Seems like they haven’t thought that one out.


Surely arsenal could organise a few free busses?

TV companies really should consider away fans before moving games IMO but £££ talks…


Well it could be worse, these tickets haven’t gone on sale yet so you’ll just find our attendance slightly on the sparse side. This has been going on for years but it disadvantages only small numbers of people so there’s little appetite for change

Meanwhile I’ll be facing the daunting prospect of it being my turn to watch this one from the springy side of the settee :triumph:


Talking of travel…
Virgin have advised Lime St is shut on Saturday trains will terminate at Runcorn with bus into Liverpool. Allow extra time for journey.


MAY 2017

Arsenal vs Manchester United
Sunday 07 May
KO: 16:00
LIVE on Sky Sports


Final Live Television Stats. We were shown the 5th most along with Tottenham

Sky BT Tot
126 42 168
Liv 21 8 29
Che 20 8 28
MNC 20 8 28
MNU 20 8 28
Ars 19 6 25
Tot 19 6 25
Eve 13 5 18
Lei 12 4 16
Sot 13 2 15
Whm 10 5 15
Cry 10 4 14
Bou 10 3 13
Mid 10 3 13
Wat 11 2 13
Wba 8 3 11
Bur 8 2 10
Swa 6 4 10
Sto 8 1 9
Hul 7 1 8
Sun 7 1 8



Arsenal Vs Leicester City
Friday 11 August
KO: 19:45
LIVE on Sky Sports

Stoke City Vs Arsenal
Saturday 19 August
KO: 17:30
LIVE on BT Sport

Liverpool Vs Arsenal
Sunday 27 August
KO: 16:00
LIVE on Sky Sports

Chelsea Vs Arsenal
Sunday 17 September
KO: 13;30
LIVE on Sky Sports

Arsenal Vs West Bromwich Albion
Monday 25 September
LIVE on Sky Sports

Arsenal Vs Brighton and Hove Albion
Sunday 1 October
LIVE on Sky Sports


Would love to see a statistic for number of Arsenal games shown live versus other big teams in the league. I feel we’ve got more air time than most.

Not sure if thats because every season we seem to be the biggest talking point - failing Arsenal once again and all that jazz. Or they see us as the most likely ‘big club’ to lose to underdogs.


@Calum has you covered


Sorry i forgot to mention for past 5 years or so