Arsenal Goal of the Decade

I dunno if this garnered it’s own thread but maybe we could also include goals from the prior decade as well.

This goal was just unreal, prime Wengerball :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


Maybe the best goal scored in the Premier League tbh. Maybe. I’d listen to other suggestions, but they better be good, like Bergkamp vs Newcastle good. Got my jimmies rustled a bit when some source (might ahve been sky sports) showed their selection for goals of the decade and it’s like… 15 long shots, a bicycleta and this goal. I like long shots, they’re a delight to watch but there are better goals in football :sweat_smile:

There is something about the team effort with this one that makes it so good to watch, it’s a split second of perfect idealisation of what we were trying to do for years and years, what it could look like in an ideal moment when everything aligned lol a second of exact realisation of an abstract vision.

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Rosicky v Spurs?

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Wilshere v Norwich
Giroud v Palace
Rosicky v Spurs
Ramsey v Galatasaray

Possibly missing out a couple but these come to mind instantly.


Wilshere v WBA?

Didn’t Wilshere win 2 goal of the seasons in a row?

Only one Arsenal goal won the Puskás award! Super Oli G v Crystal Palace.

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Back when we could beat Crystal Palace at home


These would definitely be my top three. An absolutely amazing team goal, a totally unorthodox and unique backheeled volley, and then a total thunderbastard of a half volley from a million miles out with the players weaker foot.

Sounds like a classic biased fan, but each of these three goals were as good as any others of their types that I can remember from any player from any English team over the same period.

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Since there is no thread for general goals of the decade, i will post it here.

I really enjoy this goal.

van Persie vs Everton?

Arshavin vs Barcelona?

Origi against spuds in Madrid. Most important goal of the decade.
RVP at Anfield masterclass strike.

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It’s definitely Wilsheres goal against Norwich for me. I remember watching it in real time and going “oh, oh, Oh, OH,OHHHH!” with each pass and touch.

Team goals like that are my favourite type of goal and with this one it built from the back, had loads of touches and sweet passes and the opposition never looked like getting anywhere near it. It’s one of my favourite goals ever I’d say.


I enjoyed it hugely, but I’ve seen a hundred counter attacking goals as good as it.

@DavidHillier’s favourite goal aswell

Was looking through this video for Arsenal representation. Only Wilshere in this one, assume part two is somewhere.

Reminded me of how fucking good those Townsend and Vardy goals were. Jerome’s thunderbolt stands out too (because it twats the crossbar and bounces in the goal). Van Persie’s is also incredible. Think Townsend’s one is my favourite though (outside of Wilshere).

Almost every great goal is

Ramsey’s vs Galatasaray. Still needs explaining

Seriously, not seen anybody strike the ball as well, before or after. If you have, then pls link.


The other one at Anfield will be.:joy:


I usually prefer team goals, but Ramsey’s volley against Galatasaray was just sublime. It was so good, no one really knew how to celebrate it :slight_smile: