Arsenal Financials

We are going to have to sell Auba and Laca in the summer anyway. Then there is the adidias money. We will probably be in profit again next year, even if we are struggling to make top 10 on the pitch.

That doesnt include pepe etc from the summer transfers, if we fall out of all european places then we lose even more money from broadcasting and match day, and then we are going to replace them sales with players.

That’s no good, making profits without finishing top 10 will mean we never rid KSE.

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This is the harsh reality and also why those who claim our owners don’t care are wrong.

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Our owners have no idea about football then if that sits better ?

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That’s why they hire the likes of Raul, Edu, Vinai to take care of that.

And it seems they have no clue who to hire, that’s my point.

I do have hope for Arteta and Edu though, this is basically the final straw.

If this rebuild job fails in the next 24 months, then the club is in deep shit.

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Dangote: I want to take over Arsenal.

Silent Stan:


From Silent Stan to Silent Dan

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He should invest his billions in grassroots football and youth production infrastructure in Nigeria rather than pursuing the pointless vanity project of purchasing Arsenal.

Nigerians could dominate world football with targeted investment


Sorry for the athletic article but its really grim stuff for us currently.

We need to be back in the CL next season or we are fucked

That’ll happen with 4 consecutive seasons out of the Champions League.

Yeah not surprised… we are on a knife’s edge these days with massively higher wages than before and ballooning transfer budgets (we are still 3rd highest net spender in last 4, 6, and 8 years combined).

Thankfully we have some cash reserves to absorb some of this, but staying out of CL year on year and then also losing the couple of few million we would get by staying in EL hurts… we will also probably lose a million or two at least based on finishing position in Prem.

Need to pray for miracle that City ban holds and we stumble our way into 5th place.

Kroenke still working his magic.
Thanks for ruining our club.


Bound to happen, the loss will only be greater next financial year if we have zero European football.

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Read :arrow_down:

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TV revenue reversal is stark as f*ck…