Arsenal Financials


We got more money than Chelsea and Burnley had the least amount of games shown.


What the fuck? :arteta:


Hardily fraud then on Arsenals part, if anything its more of ‘that should have never happened’ then fire the said person and then either let the contract run or get it killed off, hardily fraud. Sounds to me these pricks signed up for the partnership and are now back peddling and dont want to honor it. How the fuck can you go through all of that stuff and have all the media shit done etc and the whole company not know about it. It stinks of BS there is no way that we have had them on the site for months and have advertising etc done and all the media presence and they still not clue in to it.


No. And nor did the article claim that.


yeah but i dont see how a fraud can even be done at all not with all of the coverage etc.



All those UTM parameters are gonna go waste


Seems like we have another partner, Acronis must of come in recently


16 Regional partners now



so even though commercial deals have come in in reality he hasnt been keeping up the pace, might even be better off without him.


Yeah, I’m not sure there even need to be so many positions and so much bureaucracy within the club. Gazidis Sanllehi, Mislintat and so many others. Most are getting huge wages, and the club did just fine without such a big hierarchy not long ago. It would be better if the money went into better players, (wishful thinking, in reality it would probably line Kronke’s pockets).


We also let go of many executives so I am sure we are fine


I reckon anyone with a very good caliber could bring in deals a lot faster than currently i dont know what is taking a club like arsenal so long to sort out commercial stuff which is the biggest part of keeping the club self sustaining. Bringing in a decent person that can get this shit done will make a lot of difference so it might be a blessing in disguise if he goes.


I always felt like the kit deals were a perfect example of Ivan poor work. We’d sign a decent enough kit deal only second to United then a few months down the line Chelsea and City would sing one worth more putting us right back where we started.

Obviously the club/Kroenke are happy just getting by without spending huge amount to mount serious silverware challenges but surely they understand the more successful you the more money that comes in with sponsorship.


Which kit deals are you referring to? Manufacturer or sponsorship?

For an owner who apparently only cares about money for his own self gain, the club hasn’t been run anything resembling a money making operation at all lol.

Everybody knows winning things = more valuable sponsorship. Issue is the club pursued, the wrong strategy in several areas. Which isn’t the biggest sin imo as it was a conservative policy





Apparently that’s the starting budget before the Adidas money comes in