Arsenal Financials


how can people honestly believe that fucking bollox…our income before this new shirt deal was circa £450m a season we have gotten rid of a lot of players and wengers staff and we have new deals since the and a bigger deal that gives an extra 30m on top. So in reality we should be hitting about £500m a season now if not more and people think we only have £40m to spend…fuck right off!


We are one of the most profitable clubs in Europe and yet we are being told we are going to have a spending budget about the same as clubs in the bottom half of the PL.

What happened to all the money we saved in recent windows where we had a net spend almost nothing?

I’m interested to see how we are going to get a world class CB, LB and winger for that sort of money.


Lol poorest rich club in the world.


Even that is bollocks, they spend far more than that. So these fucking articles spouting this shit really fucking piss me off. They keep on playing us for fucking paupers when we make nearly 1/2b a season and then say 'oh they only have 40m this window to spend…fuck right off. That is like you having millions in the bank and saying after paying your gas and electricity and food and other expenses you can only afford to spend £1000 tops this month.


Coffee partner now. $$


Good to see Bobby’s coaching career going from strength to strength.


Espressino, not espresso.


Lavazza, an italian style, you fuckers :kos2:



Safe to say Luca is happy :arteta:


English must not dare to ruin our coffee. You know they like it very long :gabriel:


Italian coffee with Brazilian beans… Brilliant.

Next the French will be sourcing Scottish Aberdeen angus beef and saying its French beef.





strange sponsor this one, have a partnership with us and liverpool both signed at the very same time, its a bit icky i know its money at the end of the day but it seems a bit classless to have a rival team signing up with you at the exact same time.


As long as we’re getting as much as or more than them idgaf.


Mav it’s a coffee partnership who cares hah


You could say Mav is making a bit of a Storm in a Teacup of the news :wenger:


I’d like to Mocha-sure we’ve Frapped this deal up better than Liverpool have. You know, no Beans spilled during the negotiations, with Vinai pulling out all the Extra-shots in the proceedings.




we have to ask @Luca_from_Italy if this is all legit or if they are scamming lots of loyal football patreons.


I need to try it at the Emirates first :wink: