Arda Turan


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This is old news…and seems unlikely as reports have come out subsequently that the player won’t be leaving this summer…


Has been excellent this season for Barcelona. Shame on those that turned their noses up at the idea of signing someone as talented as him for the fee he was allegedly available for. Is better than anyone in our squad in midfield/attack not named Ozil and Sanchez.


Yeah this will be his breakout season at Barça. I loved him at Atletico so much, his problems last year were only temporary. Him and Rakitic are superb together, both defensively and forward.


He’ll be riding the bench an awful lot when Neymar is back.

His game time will be minimal at best.


If this is our level now, we are fucked.


Can’t understand why anybody would turn their noses up at Turan.

He’s a very good player and is miles better than most of our squad options.


Meh signing, tbh.


would be happy with that, solid player

dont know why people are slating him - he aint getting into the barca sign - nor did sanchez he turned out to be ok :slight_smile:


Maybe he’s a good player but he’s 30 with a lot of mileage, would rather someone much younger even if they’re not yet at his level.


Because from what I can understand from fans that watch him play he has attitude problems and only turns up when he can be bothered as well as being on the wrong side of 30 with plenty of miles under the hood and little re-sale value.

I would laugh if we sign him though, after what he said about Arsenal.


After comments like this one

I believed I would sign for Barcelona. I honestly thought: ‘If I play very well, I will end up signing for Barca. If I just play well, I will end up at Arsenal.’

I just can’t see it happening or him ever becoming a fan favorite at Arsenal. Also Turan, while good, isn’t going to solve our lack of goals in case Alexis goes.


This summer I reckon will be another “bodies in” summer like when van Peezy left and Giroud, Podolski and Cazorla rocked up. I don’t trust this club to accept losing Alexis and Ozil and already have a 5 year plan for our next generation of signings.

I could totally see Wenger going for this kind of signing. At least he can play football.

And those comments he made are probably what goes through every player’s head. I still maintain that he meant he’d like to come to Arsenal but coming to Barcelona would really be reaching the top :slight_smile:


I do agree. Maybe he could be an useful squad player, nothing more. We need more than that.


Arda Turan is one of the better options I’ve heard to date, but it still smacks of a descent into a Europa League battling club.

He’s good enough to play for us right now but our standards are slipping all the time. Is he going to even remotely compensate for losing Ozil?


He’d excel as a number 10, it’s where he wants to play. He has the the intelligence, vision, great dribbler and could boss games there. Ideally you have Ozil and Turan but if you replace Turan with Ozil you’ve got a good replacement.


In terms of replacing Özil this would be one of my preferred turansfers.

It might be difficult to persuade him to come here, but it would be much arda trying to convince anyone better than him.


If we are to replace Ozil it’s James Rodriguez for me.

Although if Ozil does leave I’d prefer us to adopt 4-3-3 which doesn’t really suit James, Turan is a very good player though.


Maybe the harsh reality is that for as long as Wenger is here we are a Europa League team. There is a clear distinction between the best European and English clubs and us at this point.


Returns to Galatasaray. One year loan.