Arda Turan

Sport in Spain are claiming that Arsenal have made a £20m bid for Barcelona’s Arda Turan in what seems to be yet another case of information failing to travel accurately between websites.

Quoting the Sun as their source, the Spanish site goes bold saying ‘The Sun: El Arsenal pone 23,9 millones de euros por Arda Turan y el Chelsea se suma a la puja’

Translated, that roughly says ‘The Sun: Arsenal put 23.9 million euros for Ardda Turan and join Chelsea bid’.

When you look at the piece in the Sun, you see no mention whatsoever of a bid from either Arsenal or Chelsea. They are merely claiming that £20m (approx. €23m) is the price that Barcelona want for him.

The Sun, in turn, seem to have got their information from Mundo Deportivo, who published pretty much the same story on 17th July.

Turan has just been recalled from his holidays by Barcelona, earlier than expected according to reports. The 29-year-old will now join the squad on Monday, the only player who played at the Euros asked to return so early according to Sport.

Turan’s agent has already spoken out about the rumours which claim he’s not happy at Barca saying that the player is. MD also claim that Barcelona would only sell Turan if two conditions were met – he asks to leave and the offer for him is good enough.

I think this might turn out to be one of those stories that gets a lot of steam up but fails to arrive anywhere.

Doubt we’ll ever see him in an Arsenal shirt.

Ard to see him ever turan around the emirates with his arsenal shirt on.

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Yea I have an Ard time buying into this rumour.

Wouldn’t see the point of this signing considering we have heaps of players in his position, but then again we are Arsenal so it may just happen.

This transfer window has been shit for us so far. We’ve got to try arda.

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Turan is an upgrade to everyone in our midfield/attacking midfield not names Sanchez, Ozil and to an extent Xhaka.

This is a no brainer if he’s available at that price. I’m not interested in hoping Ramsey will come good, hoping Wilshere stays fit, hoping Ox can fulfil his potential or hoping Theo Walcott might actually be better than the last decade have shown.

Proven quality on the market at that price? I’d bite Barcelona’s hand off for Turan at that price.


He was chatting shit about us not too long ago, hasn’t played any consistent football in about 12 months and is almost 30. Simeone allowed him to leave Atletico because he doesn’t track back enough in defence, which is also something we don’t need.

Thanks but no thanks.


Sounds like this turansfer wouldn’t be too arduous to complete.


I’d like him here. He’d be a good addition to our squad.

He’s had a pretty poor season at Barça, but I can’t see him leaving. Probably not to us anyway

This guy’s never really given me a harda on tbh.

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To run or harder to run. Why not?

Was a stupid decision to join Barca to begin with.


Turan is the example of stupid player who decides to join a club much big than him.


I agree with @Cristo here, We shall not forget:

‘I felt that I would sign for Barca,’ the 29-year-old told Diari Ara. ‘In all honesty I used to think, “If I play very well I will end up signing for Barca, because my style fits into this team. If I play well, I will end up at Arsenal”.’

Classless comment from a classless man from a much worse classless club. Fuck him (If what he said is true obviously… nah! fuck him anyway…cunt!)


Is it really a dig or poor choice of words?
If I am to try frame a positive outlook from that quote, He means to say that if he gives his best, He will end up with Barcelona; If not Barcelona, Arsenal.

Or does the context suggest that he was being a cunt.

He’s saying we’re the little brother to Barca. Players go to Barca when they are great, they come to Arsenal if they are just good.

Sooo Andre Gomes has signed for Barca. Surely Turan is out the door? Quite a turn of events!

Hey at least we got a mention :sweat_smile:


He thinks Barcelona is a bigger club than Arsenal?

That fucking cunt.

Fuck him.


It feels a bit disrespectful or dismissive for him to drop the name of our club in that context but I’m sure I could get over it quickly enough. It’s not like his comments were actually inaccurate after all lol