Arda Turan


I agree with you Jakey…never like that in a player. He is just another Barca reject who didn’t really make it and will be forced out, because he isnt up to standard. Avoid IMO.

I still want a winger but will stick to my wishlist of either Reus or Mahrez, but would add Draxler or Sissoko to that now.


I don’t know, maybe is a poor choice of words @Trion, but overall as many have said above it’s kind of disrespectful. He could’ve said (if he really did) any other club or a more “currently successful” club to make his point.

I think I’m just tired of that club mocking us when there’s actually no need. We don’t play in the same league and we’re not exactly “their fierce rivals” in the CL. They should be more grateful with us given our history together… Fuck! our CL matches have been a great training for them, why are they taking a dig at us at every single opportunity?

Edit: I know, they’re obsessed with us… like Mou. Those cunts!


You can’t see the point really? Have you seen how dire our right sided options are when Sanchez is on the left?

There is hardly anyone else I would want more in that role either left or right sided than Arda Turan. A right or left sided playmaker/attacking midfielder is almost as big a priority as a CF and a CB.

I don’t see this happening though.


I was under the impression he’s more suited the Ozil position but my bad if he’s primarily a right sided midfielder.


The ball absolutely sticks to his feet and he turns defenders inside out. We’d be back to playing Wenger ball starting with Turan, Wilshere, Cazorla and Ozil. A true Rosicky replacement for a decent price, yea go on.


You’ve got a player with superb footwork, who can unlock the tightest of defences with his feet, is a just an all round good player and he’s available for a fee less than what we would have paid for Jamie Vardy and people here are complaining?

He’s better than Oxlade Chamberlain, Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey, Joel Campbell, Alex Iwobi, Danny Welbeck and Jack Wilshere so sign him up and get rid of one of the aforementioned clowns!


I agree, can’t wait to see us passing the ball around the 18 aimlessly until we eventually try to dink our way through a wall of 10 men, win a corner, then get countered off the corner and give up a soft goal. Wenger ball!


I don’t know about Wilshere but he is an upgrade on the others.
For the money we would get for Chamberlain or Walcott, we could get Turan and make a profit.

Saying that, Wenger isn’t going to sell one of those players.


If not for that dig, I would totally go for this considering these are desperate times.

Meh, fuck that dig; we almost signed Vardy ffs.


Maybe I’m just a glass half full kind of guy but I don’t think that was a dig.

I read it as if I work hard I can get a move to a top club like Arsenal but if I work even harder I can get an out of this world move to a dream club.

That says to me he wanted to come to Arsenal, but would prefer Barcelona, which sums up pretty much every player we’ve signed in the last 20 years.

Any player that isn’t aiming for the top isn’t worth having. It’s our fault that we’re not the top, not Barcelona’s and not Arda Turan’s.


No fuck him using facts as insults.


Personally I would sooner go for someone like Sissoko who has come out and said he would love to play for Arsenal…someone who would consider us as their first choice and not second best and who would be committed to the club.


Anyone wanting top foreign talent and then expecting the top foreign talent to see Arsenal as anything more than one of the better employers but not the best is hopelessly naive.


You’d rather sign Sissoko than Turan? :confused:


I would, would be a more proper PL footballer for the next manager that comes in and stops playing the Wengerball…“Possession of the ball only when you already have it”


There was nothing wrong with Wengerball when we had the players capable of pulling it off. If we’re going to sign those players then I’m all for it.


We’ve six wingers:

RIGHT FOOT PLAYERS: Gnabry, Alex Iwobi, Oxlade, Sanchez, Walcott


We need a player who can use his left foot, like Mahrez, I prefer him.


You want to go back to passing around the box for 50 minutes of a match hoping that we get 2 back heels and a deft flick over the top to come off so that one our midfielders that is too far up the pitch beats the offside?


Don’t be blinded by Sissoko’s fruitless Euro 2016 performances (the ones with lots of running and little actual end product). He’s a grossly inconsistent player with very little end product and saying you’d prefer him over Turan would certainly go down alongside the Ramsey over Pogba and Giroud as good as Higuain comments I’ve read over the last year or so.