To be fair, the players he brought in completely changed their performances and results.

They had been on a good run before coming to us, and it can only be down to what hes done and who he brought in

Is Ten Haags business considered bad? Casemeiro, Malacia and Martinez look good signings to me? Antony most likely a stinker but there’s less pressure on United for all their transfers to be hits.

Casemiro and Lisandro are good. There is a case to be made though that they’ve somehow looked better defensively with Shaw at CB.
Eriksen has been solid but nothing to write home about. I do wonder on what wages they signed him on.
The rest are no bueno for me.

I think the real difference makers in this Man Utd team this season are Varane, Casemiro, Fernandes and Rashford.
There’s something to be worked on there, however it has to be sooner rather than later as 3 of the guys I mentioned aren’t getting any younger.

Be interesting to see how they address the striker position in the summer. Do they bank on the future or are they gonna go for someone ready-made. There are cases out there which both can apply, however, it’ll be very costly.

All he’s done is drop maguire so nobody is making stupid errors at the back and costing them games.

Martinez was the key signing.

They’ve looked very solid without him too. Varane’s been the real difference in that backline.
He’s been more available this season and he actually found form.
Honestly, I fucking laughed seeing Shaw at CB, ahead of Maguire and Lisandro, but they’ve looked equally if not more solid at the back with him there.

Antony looks like he should be doing keepy uppies in Butlins.

Pointlessly extravagant. Kids who play FIFA will love him though, so there is that

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I dont think they will love the 70 acceleration and 74 sprint speed.

Tbf he robbed himself the most there, did most of the work there

Guy is so pointless


Good assist for casemiro’s first but what a flop he’s been so far

100m euros for this ?? Ajax are geniuses.

He is a shit version of Adel Taarabt.


Dropped by Brazil because of his girlfriend’s allegations.

The fact that Martinelli and Jesus have been behind cunts like Antony and Richarlison is wild to me


Anthony is literally like one of those showboaters who does keepy uppies in Trafalgar Square. He has more pointless flair than jeans from the 1970s.

He’s got the most punchable face in world football. Smarmy rat fuck


Take that hippies!

most punchable face goes to his fellow rat face teammate, Bruno

We have 2 fists for a reason :henry2: