Announcement on Nationality based posting

Hi Everybody.

As Mods and Admins here at OA we do our best to leave people to their own devices, to self police, to know what is and isn’t acceptable. For the most part that works perfectly fine however over the last number of months we have had more and more conversations among ourselves around continued references to nationality on the forum and what is and is not acceptable.

We now feel the need to enforce pretty much a zero tolerance policy because of some recent incidents that have been far beyond the realm of what is decent.

From here on out the following will not be tolerated

  • references to nationality based food insults (rotten haggis for example)
  • calling people cunts/pricks/fucks etc where the nationality has also been included (german cunt for example)

And it almost goes without saying but we’re going to say it anyway the worst of the racial words/phrases remain absolutely banned.

Offences will be dealt with as follows:
First Offence: you will be warned
Second Offence: you will be banned for three days
Third Offence: You will be banned for two weeks
Fourth Offence: You will be banned permanenty

If we deem it necessary we will skip to a second/third/fourth offence punishment enforcement.

We regret having to write this message and we hope never to have to enforce these punishments but we feel we couldn’t allow these latest incidents to pass by without trying to address things once and for all.

Thanks for reading.
OA Admins and Mods


There’s a sentence I never thought I’d have to read lol

What did aboucuellar say? I didn’t even see it :joy:


Casual xenophobia is dead. Press F to pay respect.

He can’t tell you. he’d have to ban himself.

Nor one i thought i’d ever have to type. This is not just about Cuellars post though.



Can you tell me? I’m curious

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Wish I could pal, but I’m going to have to plead Wenger’s fifth and say I didn’t see it. (because I genuinely didn’t)

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Five quid says Luca <3 has a warning before the end of February :sweat_smile:

(if you’re tempted remember we have a cup final vs City tomorrow)


No problem mate. I always respect the rules :wink:


Oh no I can’t get called a grilled Kangaroo anymore :cry:


Nope but you can be called Australian, there is nothing wrong with that, i think that is acceptable.

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@shamrockgooner You must thank Cuellar for getting to put the food insult line in there :smiley:

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Interesting point, are we allowed to formally request nation based food insults? :thinking:


P.S. Unfounded accusations of homosexuality based on zero evidence should also be included in these new rules.


You want people to find some evidence is what you’re saying?


It has no foundation or basis in fact. There is no evidence. :bellerin:

(yes, I looked up the exact meaning) :stuck_out_tongue:

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How about if the one get called does not complain???

We won’t be waiting for a complaint.


the forum is turning into a nannystate i tell ya :henry2: :campbell:

I know the forum is growing and more & more posters are joining in, so the concern to moderate the comments might be needed.

but Can I say that we are still a small community and none of us really bother each other.
We all know that Luca likes his food based insults which can be pretty racist for someone who doesn’t know that Luca is innocent & adorable little annoying shit.
But we know Luca is innocent & adorable little annoying shit, so who cares if he uses food & nationality based insults.

Same goes for Cuellar.
He has no filter but I am sure he has no intention to hurt anyone.

I hold strong opinion but I don’t mean any harm.

We are tiny tight bunch who have known each other for long and I suppose we can allow each other freedom to mock each other as the same system as we have with our real life friends.