Andrew Tate

That’s the tamest thing he’s said. Dude was straight up pro the Taliban oppressing Afghan women.

Think that idiot pierce morgen interviewed him.

Is that something you think that you would do? Go out, get really drunk and then go to some guys house, who you just met?

I see my niece do that shit all the time. She gets blind drunk, and wakes up in strangers beds and has no idea how she got there, and it scares me to death, and I have zero qualms about telling her to sort her life out and be responsible. To take responsibility for her actions. Because one of these days she’s going to do that, and the guy will be a fucking psycho and who knows what he’ll do to her.


Sounds like the guy would be the one who is responsible, not your niece.

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Still keen to hear your thoughts on this @Jules

I’m sure that’ll give me great comfort when I see her face on the front of the paper, after she’s been brutally raped and murdered.

It always amazes me when people take one out of context Andrew Tate soundbite which has been made into a quote to assess his character.

This is justice by the Media. They hate him and continue to spread propaganda. I mean just look at the wording used to describe him: at best it’s influencer with negative connotations at other times it’s misogynistic or sex trafficker.

Is he a Saint? Doubt it but who is.

Do I agree with every word he says? Well I don’t hold anybody to this standard including myself!

It’s a systematic attempt to stop his influence. Have never seen one person have so many attempted hits on his character, social media influence and business.

He could be guilty but I lean more towards it all being bollocks like the last however many attempts.


As someone who only heard of this guy earlier this week perhaps you could point me to these other attempts you speak of?

Id genuinely love to hear someone make a case for “misogynistic” not being an entirely appropriate word to describe this guy lol.




And yet somehow his content kept getting out. So either he’s a media genius or this is the worst conspiracy ever executed.

Tate has been released already


To be fair, I’m not sure I’ve seen a coordinated deplatforming like his, it felt like all the main platforms banned his personal accounts quite swiftly in very quick succession, or concurrently.

His content remained so prevalent because of his legion of fans, whod repost his content largely because his Hustlers University programme is affiliate marketing, meaning the hundred thousand odd men signed up are incentivised to create social media accounts spread his content, hoping viewers will then use their affiliate link to sign up, as that’s the real way to make money from being signed up to Hustler’s University, because the “courses” are all full of rudimentary financial advice you can easily get for free online.

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A guy like Andrew Tate having such a big fanbase is what I find so intriguing about social media. The guy is a complete douche, so to speak, but to still have such a big following is quite astonishing.


It didn’t stop him from getting his message out. Every other video on Tik Tok is a screengrab of him streaming.

He’s not a victim here.

Yeah, I know. My post was specifically about how it didn’t stop him getting his message out.

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You sure?

That’s just a fake news hoax by the liberal BBC.

Andrew Tate is already out because he was playing 4D chess this whole time.


Thank fuck for that.