Alexis Sánchez


I don’t he would have lasted 5 years even if he was on form.


Maybe the whole Chile World Cup failure is still affecting him, seeing as he seems to carry a whole nation on his shoulders in a sporting sense


I don’t see the big deal, he’s a loner on and off the pitch. This is professional football not happy families.

The problem United will have is buying Alexis without having a plan to make the most of his strengths and weaknesses. Stats show he’s defending more at United than Arsenal and playing more passes in his teams half. Where as Wenger got the most out of him as a false 9. Really United shop drop Lukaku and play a front 3 of Martial 11, Alexis F9, Rashford 7 with Mata 10 behind them, which would be sublime football but he won’t do it. Instead he’ll play the donkey with Alexis and lingard as wingbacks.

No one else is paying those huge wages when he’s past it, hell only United were willing to pay them when they thought he was prime. It’s the same situation as Rooney, paying the highest wages in football for a player about to decline (we hope)


How is he struggling psycologically he only moved down the road and is getting paid nearly 5x the amount he was here he should be in his element…also why is he talking to himself in the 3rd people, a bit much talk about self absorbed.


I don’t know, nor do I care.


I’d be psychologically exhausted too if I had to be within throwing distance of Jesse Lingard!


Loves the attention this little snowflake does.


He always runs himself into the ground and then complains? That’s the reason why he will never do well at any club. Shit attitude.


I guess so…same with maureen :gabriel:


I reckon his media team wrote that thinking it’d be both an excuse and sound ‘inspirational’. Instead it sounds like he needs a kick. They should of wrote 'Sorry Manure fans, I haven’t started well, I’m tired and run down but you’ll see the best of me when I’m 100% ’


Quotes like that are just standard cover for ‘im shit and don’t know how to deal with this mess’ !! Prick !!


United fans already hate him. Someone should even want to terminate his contract.


He needs to hire Cambridge Analytica :speak_no_evil:



Should have taken the Bayern move when it was possible.


So good we got rid of him.


I still think he’ll come good at Man Utd


Hero to me if he nets the winner against the spuds in the cup.


Fuck off cunt! You are doing jack shit at Manure. What a cunt!


Luca he’s talking to MUTV what would you like him to say? haha

They probably do have a bigger history than us with them being the biggest club in England with the most titles :wink: