Alexis Sánchez


Sounds ideal to follow Mourinho into management :grinning:


Say what you like about Wenger but the way he protects his players warrants respect

Wenger could have easily outed Alexis’ behaviour to the public after he moved.


I wish he protected his club as well. Maybe his players should start paying his salary.


Our next manager? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


One of many things I admire about him.

Just wish that he was more ruthless with shit players though


that last one gets me…trying to learn english STILL, you should at the very least have the basics done by now WTF has he been doing for the last few years?


Other stuff. Seriously who cares whether the players speak the language when they are banging in a goal every other game.


Suppose so, but i just dont see how you can manage that, If that was me even if i wasnt trying hard you just pick up some of the language being around for that long in a different country. I just cant fathom how you can be in another country for so long and still be incapable of speaking the language to some degree.


Most likely he did not socialise with the people around him so he was never compelled to learn it properly.


His dogs mainly


So he can speak decent dog by now?


I doubt it.
But his dogs can speak decent Chilean.


Loves a goal at Wembley :eyes:




what a turnip this guy has become…absolute waster glad manu were stupid enough to put him on crazy wages for 5 years couldnt have happened to a nicer club.


He was like it at Arsenal too, a bit weird but there’s nothing wrong with wanting some personal space


Genuinely reckon the powers that be at United regret giving him a 4 year deal on 500k a week.


I think there is more to it than that. He appears unhappy all the time. I know he wasn’t exactly Mr Excited with us but he did show signs of fitting in and he smiled a lot in training. At United, he has been described as looking like a “lost boy”. ADM was the same – and this deal seems reminiscent of that. It’s not that Alexis is a bad player, we know he isn’t, but perhaps he is in the wrong team.

IMO there is no way he stays there for five years.


Surprise surprise! The guy has clearly a problem himself.


It depends if someone is willing to pay his wages. (or if he lowers his demands)