Alexis Claude-Maurice

Well, so far the guys we bought from there have been worth it. Surely we have some informant or scouter recommending us of what’s hot there.

I hope we have an extensive scouting network in France. But I reckon if guys are already youth internationals and stuff clubs have them on their radar. A lot of clubs in France are producing (very) good talent.

How many people are behind this Arsenic account?! It can’t be one person surely.

Read last year thats its about 4-5 people spreading the workload evenly.

If it was one single guy running this account he would be dead by stress and sleep deprivation by now :arteta:

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really hope we end up getting this guy. He looks like a real gem. Looking at his close control and how he skins defenders he reminds me a bit of Hazard. I reckon once he gets to be more well known he will cost a small fortune and later on he looks like if he carries on growing as a player he could be another £100m in 5 years time