Alexis Claude-Maurice

Fraser and ACM and we’ve done very well :pray:


From what I’ve seen on YouTube he seems very Guendouzi-like. He takes on players without hesitation and is entering the penalty box very often. Haven’t seen him in a full game to shape a clear opinion on the guy but so far the vibe I get from him is very good.

A relatively unknown lad from Ligue 2. Had a great last season and the club seems to keep an eye for him.

I wonder if he likes dogs more then humans?

oh and @Calum I wouldn’t exactly class that as very well, maybe a start

Your opinion :+1:

well it’s a decent winger that we need and then some kid with potential, we need more then that for it to be considered very well

Who are you expecting to sign? :joy: Sterling and Hazard? :joy:

no I’m just saying that signing 2 players wouldn’t be considered very well, especially one being a 20 year old that plays in Ligue 2

Make FC Lorient our second team already

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they could be the new Borehamwood

A fucking defender ffs. If we don’t sign a very good defender the transfer window is a bust.


Named after Sanchez and that Arsenal fan TV guy, not a good start :bellerin:


I hope this one comes off. He’s scored so many worldie goals. And okay it’s in Ligue 2 but put Iwobi in Ligue 2 and he isn’t smashing numerous goals from 30 yards after gliding past a couple of players.

The transfer window is going to be a bust for you :wink:.

I hope this signing means a Mkhitaryan is leaving. Otherwise Arsenal would have a lot of (young) wingers and not enough minutes for all. If true obviously.

Scores a lot of goals from outside the area. What I like is he purposely keeps the ball low but still generates the ‘dip’ to send it past the keeper. Right-footed but able to shots extremely well off his left foot. A #10 but able to play out wide.

This would be a good ‘gamble’ like Guendouzi was last year. Sign him up!

Seems like we have solid connections with Lorient. Wonder if Aliadiere has been involved with this.

Strong links? Arsenal just pays up. Twice 10 million pounds for Ligue 2 players…

And to round it off, a dead Bee Gee