Alexandre Lacazette

Lacazette is quality, we could have done with a player like him last season to get us a top four place.


Yes and 23 goal contributions in 35 PL matches. People forget because he wasn’t a goal machine (13 goals, 10 assists) but he wasn’t the dogshit we saw this season.


tbf you did vs tottenham.

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So many steals from Lyon. Add Umtiti, Ndombele, Mariano, etc.

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Nothing makes Laca run. Respect


I’m buzzing after hearing this

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Wasps and Bees are big phobias of mine….

…still funny but poor Laca. I hope the opposition fans starting making buzzing noises whenever he touches the ball.


I’ve been trying to man up where bees and wasps are concerned. I’ve never actually been stung by one and I don’t want my boy to be scared of bees because they’re awesome.

But I was washing my bin out last weekend and a literal fucking hornet landed on it. I was excited to see something rare I’d never seen before, and then 1.5 seconds later when reality struck ran for my life and locked myself in the conservatory.


Man, trying not to pause your insecurities, fears and traumas onto your kids must be so fucking difficult. I’m pretty fucking terrified of cockroaches and beetles, any of those exoskeleton insect cunts, but I guess if I have kids and come across one I’ll have to somehow hold my shit together?!

Then again, I suppose theres no guarantee you pass the fear on. My mum is petrified of spiders, like can’t even see one on telly or a photo of one, and she certainly didnt hide it lol, but I’m totally chill with them. Though maybe that’s cos I realised from a young age that someone was gonna have to deal with them when one popped up, cos she was gonna need someone to lol

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Spiderman has helped you here.

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I’ve never considered it, but it actually might be the other way round :grin:

Now I think about it, watching my dad beat a burglar to death with a baseball bat might be why I love Batman so much.

Our parents influence in so many ways :slightly_smiling_face:

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My Ma absolutely cannot stand Frogs and Reptiles.

While on the other hand I cannot tolerate these, the patterns creep me the hell out and they like to fly in your face.


oh jesus thanks for fucking my anxiety up. Can’t stand moths

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Opened the door to put the recycling out and one of these assholes flew directly into my eyes. Dropped the bag and ran back into the house like a loser.

Poor Wally (our dog) came running because he heard me go “Oh shit!”


Bees are fine, and will almost never sting you.

Wasps are just cunts.


I’ve been told. I’ve watched YouTube videos and they look great, but when one of them is around my vicinity, I freak out. My childhood bee sting has shaped me.

I love bee’s they sometimes come around to my house for a pick me up


Yuck :face_vomiting: I have a good understanding with the wife. Every bug or insect that crawls is mine to deal with. Anything that flys is hers.