Alexandre Lacazette (signed!)


I would sacrifice Lacazette to not make rich this cunt.


I think he is already pretty rich, mate.


It’s been nice knowing you. I fully expect you to be immersed in that world by the end of the week. :smile:


Apparently people got married in (and because of) world of Warcraft. Kinda cool tbh


Why are you guys talking about getting married in WoW and what is oliver going to be googling? #fomo


fuck off magnificent otters?


Fear of missing out :wink:


Ooooo burn.





Haha ah, the fake Ornstein account.


Scored about 12 penalties last season, we could do with a ‘penalty merchant’ as some people have called Laca, in our team.


Really ? Not a big deal I wouldn’t have thought considering we only get awarded about 3 or 4 in the league per season.


Lacazette + Lemar + keeping Ozil - losing Sanchez just about works for me


Well seeing as we barely get any penalties I don’t think it’s particularly important.


That probably leaves us with a similar strength squad to what we had in the season just gone I’d say.


I think that’s why it “just about works” for Robin


We need to add another winger to that imo. But I don’t know what Wenger is going to do with Nwakali.


To get those two and lose Sanchez would mean we wouldn’t be any stronger, but it would be different.
I thought after Wenger had signed a new contract we would see a real change in attitude towards the transfer window, so unless we buy an elite player and a couple of very good players, as well as getting rid of some of the high earning low performing, players, this transfer window won’t be a success.


I’d take that too tbh.