Alexandre Lacazette (9)


That shouldn’t be hard


Shots fired my dude. :arteta:


Well if you truly love someone it should.



Spot on Robin :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Why is everybody picking on Giroud at the moment? :santi:


We’ll he’s at Chelsea now so he deserves it to some extent.

I always defended Giroud more than most though, I thought he was a decent player.


Doesn’t make much sense tbh. Giroud actually contributed goals and assists at a greater rate than Laca has for Arsenal, although it’s very close. Still Giroud was a great servant to the club tbh, and Laca has basically brought the same return if we’re being honest with ourselves.


We simply can’t sell players like this.
Football is about scoring goals and since we had RVP we haven’t had a top quality striker, and now we actually have two.

Lacazette, Ozil, Aubameyang and Mkhitayran are all very good players, so keep them.
We have plenty of dross elsewhere in the team we should be getting rid of before these players.

Selling one of your best players does nothing for team moral and it sends out the completely wrong message to supporters.

It shows a lack of ambition and a cheapskate attitude as well as an insult to the supporters.
There isn’t another top club in Europe that would even consider selling a top striker just to buy some defenders, so why should we?


Also selling Lacazette might clear up wages, but still leaves five centre backs at Arsenal and the club has Chambers out on loan. Same goes for the centre midfielders. Four of those at the club currently. We would sell an actual contributor, but add to the deadweight pile.

With Cech, Welbeck and Ramsey a couple of big earners are off the books next season anyway.


Missed two good chances to make this game comfortable long before all the controversy.

Poor. He’s in form you say? :thinking:


Lacazette probably won’t get questioned over his two misses, seems that only happens to Aubameyang and misses haha.


Well he has been by the commentators and fans at least. Second chance should have been buried all day long.


Oh he’s being questioned that’s for sure, but he has delivered for us in many big matches and he had a bad day.

He also assisted our goal, let’s not forget.


Heard and interesting stat from the commentators today. This guy hasn’t scored an away goal since October :joy::joy::joy: top striker stuff there. Of course everyone is going after Auba but this shitter had two goals served up on a platter for him today, only to Giroud that shit up 🖒🖒


Lmao and to think someone was calling out Auba for being bad away from home in the match thread. Sell both these cunts and get Icardi and Jovic.


He scored at Huddersfield. Check your facts lmao


My bad they got it wrong that away goal was his first since October and his 4th total. He’s really tearing it up away from home isn’t he :thinking::thinking:


Try the match thread, plenty of people were pissed about the missed chances. You’re inventing a position to argue against because of previous arguments you’ve had with people on here about Laca. Most of us on here do it to from time to time, but this tit for tat posting every time a favoured/disliked player does something good/bad in a match because it fits a previously held position does nobody any favours.

He ballsed up a big chance right before he got sent off, and in my book, ballsed up an earlier one too. It was a tricky one coming from behind and onto his left foot on the volley, but he should have at least got it on target and the way he dragged it wide was fairly poor.

People aren’t afraid to criticise Lacazette in the same way they would Auba, he gets his share too.


Out of character misses from him today that he really should have put away.

However, I won’t be too hard on him because he normally fires in the big games. I suppose he was due one where only blanks were in the chamber.

Still glad to have someone of his caliber in the team to mix it up with Auba, especially in the absence of some top wide players.