Alexander Isak

I was waiting for this to be revealed.

I can tell you already Arteta is a big fan as he follows Sociedad.
Be on the lookout for this. I heard Dortmund have a 30-40m buyback clause on him. I think they trigger it when they sell Haaland.

Top player. Get him.

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Always sign him on FM, good all round player who is fast.

But in real life, he’s quite a poor finisher but that can get better with age.


Btw, yet another target that will cost us a lot.
If anything, at least our targets are ambitious.

Let’s hope this is the case for the #6/#8 and the alternative to Hakimi.

GK: Onana
RB: Unknown after dropping out for Hakimi
CB: Tapsoba/Kounde
CM: Unknown
AM: Odegaard
ST: Isak

It’s amazing how Dortmund find so many good young players, although it’s a bit strange they sold him to Sociedad quite cheap.

It seems a massive fee but at his age it might be a risk worth taking if we can get him for around 40m.

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Yeah, he does miss chances but he seems to be getting plenty of them now which is a good thing.
His numbers went up this season and I expect them to continue going up.
His movement is very good and he can create stuff on his own which I think is essential. We don’t need another poacher.

We’re committed to another two years of Auba at 250-300k weekly at CF. I don’t see a big striker signing happening unless we move Auba.


We have a year before we spend big on a striker again. Lacazette has to go, auba is old, this season will show us if he can stand the test of time. Martinelli and Balogun if they can step up.

There’s not many forwards around currently. Any with a tiny bit of talent are expensive.


Auba plays on the left hand side…:partying_face:


I think it all depends on where the club sees Auba currently. Fabrizio saying the club would be open if a good offer came tells me that they’re not counting on him like they used to.

There is probably concern if he can regain his form. Isak fits the bill as an “opportunity” when Fabrizio explained the striker situation.
His value could blow up next summer or he’ll be off to Dortmund. Maybe we want to be proactive on this.

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Very much against this.

We shouldn’t be signing a Swedish player before we sign a Danish player.

This will end in tears, the Swedes are not to be trusted (except @Ocke he’s ok)


It would be a very pro-active and forward thinking move. We will have to address the #9 position (unless Martinelli/Balogun blow up) in the medium term anyway. We don’t make many smart long term decisions like this and that’s why I don’t see it.


If it helps.

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I don’t think a player like Isak could come in straight away and be a starting striker in the hardest league in Europe.
So it might work to our advantage if he came and played with Aubameyang or as cover and learn from him as well.
They both played for Dortmund so they have something in common.

What about swapping Lacazette for him and giving them 40m as well.

If that’s true doesn’t that make this a none starter? I watched his youtube video for nothing

Do we have to invade you again and free you of some land you don’t need? We’ve built a bridge now, we don’t have to cross a frozen Stora Bält this time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We tried Bendtner, so we sadly know what a Dane brings to a team! :grin:

On a more serious note I’m not too sure on Isak. I like the guy and he can develop into a WC striker. The question is, can Arteta take him to that next level?! I doubt it and I don’t want to see Isak fail and be another wasted prospect :grimacing:


Does it? I think this puts pressure on Sociedad to accept a lower bid if it came.
If we’re early on this we may not give Dortmund the chance to sign him back. Sancho will likely take a while to get sorted due to the large fee he is going for. Same for Haaland.

I highly doubt Isak will accept going back to Dortmund. He has spoken very negatively about his time there and he was glad to leave.

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Interesting, I didn’t hear about it. Do you have a link to his specific statements?

Why would they accept a lower fee though? The buyback is very achievable for them if Haaland is sold, which looks likely

Looks like he’d be a top class acquisition. Looks like a poor man’s Ronaldo 9