Alex Iwobi

Full name: Alex Iwobi

Date of birth: 3 May 1996
Place of birth: Lagos , Nigeria
Height: 1.86 m
Playing position: Attacking midfielder / Winger

Do you guys expect him to play a part next season or is he yet another youngster who will fail to impress in second term?

I reckon he will be a massive plus for us this season. Ended last season very well and i honestly think he will kick on this season

I’m confident that if he plays he’ll contribute. I’m just not confident he’ll play.

I don’t think he’ll be in the match squad for the Premier League. Possibly Champions League. But he’ll get a start in the Capital One Cup.

Of course this can all change if he has an amazing pre-season.

I think he’ll definitely get games, as he’s the only player other than Alexis that can play on the left. Wenger will appreciate his ball retention alongside his dribbling and incredible composure. Not really sure what his ceiling is, didn’t even rate him for the u21s, but he’s really useful right now compared to the likes of Oxlade and Walcott who are both poor on the ball.


Really impressed with his performances for the club since getting his opportunity last season. Poses a real goal threat as well which we desperately need from our wide forwards.

Definitely has a significant role to play in 16/17 and given the momentum/confidence he has built up, I would definitely start him against Liverpool.


I really like him, poses a threat and can take on players. Good eye for goal as well. He has progressed well after having a few games last season. Hopefully he can kick on and get better this season.

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I hope Wenger gives him a shot. I don’t mind not signing a Mahrez/Draxler if Wenger thinks he can get similar from within and sees a big future in someone like this (I’ll still give him the benefit of the doubt for knowing when he’s got a real talent on his hands), but if we’re just going to be putting Walcott out wide I’m not optimistic.

But I do agree, not really seen a bad first team performance from the guy and that’s not to be sniffed at.

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Iwobi is a very talented player, uses very good his body, is fast and capable to score goals in front of the goal. Needs only to clean his style during particular circumstances and be more intelligent.

We will talk about Okocha as the uncle of Alex and not Alex as his nephew.


I guess @AbouCuellar doesn’t rate him.

I don’t think he is all that fast or a particularly good dribbler. He is basically the anti-Ox. He doesn’t have ideal physical traits but he has a very good footballing brain and his composure on the ball, especially in the final third, is amazing for a player his age.

If you could attach Iwobi’s head to Ox’s body you’d have one of the best young players in the world.

I think you’re underselling Iwobi a little as an athlete, he has a very similar build to Welbeck who we all know is a beast.

I can’t remember him ever completely skinning a fullback with a dribble on the side of the box or really beating a defender with pace for a ball over the top. My memory could be just faulty though. Or he may have these abilities but has been used tactically in a way that hasn’t allowed them to shine through.

Welbeck definitely has more pace. Iwobi is pretty quick in short bursts, though, like Rosicky. But yeah, taking on defenders 1v1 is definitely not his game.

@Luca_from_Italy no, I like him, I said this yesterday:

That said, I try to stay cautiously optimistic about him. We’ve seen a few young players, Ox among them, start fast, only to see the flaws in their game a bit later. We don’t know what he looks like yet on bad form, or when he stops riding this wave, it stops being a dream come true and it starts becoming more a job. But yeah, I like him, he’s got natural intelligence on the pitch, he very often does the right thing, he’s got end product, and he looks useful on defence and in transitions. That’s a good recipe for a very good modern wide player. I still feel Gnabry is the bigger talent between the two but Iwobi might just turn out to be the better player by virtue of being good but not great at everything and having a very good attitude and working for the team, and perhaps just having a better work ethic/professionalism in general.

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You must be watching a different player to me because I see him beat his man all the time, with both intelligence and pace. Just because he doesn’t run around like our English headless chickens doesn’t mean he can’t take a man on.

I rate the ability to drive at a crowded area & to hold onto the ball at same time, higher than the ability to skin a defender in 1v1 situation.
The latter is just a flashy skill which is something effective. The former creates panic & leads to more chances.

Iwobi is going to smash it this season.

He was nothing last season, a kid getting games way beyond his experience.

He was started against Barcelona away and was arguably our best player. Volumes spoken.


I agree completely. I cited him not skinning defenders more to show that he lacks elite athleticism for a winger, not because I see it as a fatal flaw. I still rate Iwobi highly and would like to see him get chances over Ox or Campbell. Pace is not the be all and end all of qualities, even for a winger. At the very least, Iwobi has a football brain that can mesh with the likes of Ozil, Sanchez, and Cazorla.


I’m with you on Gnabry, but you get the feeling Wenger has decided Iwobi is the one with the bigger with the bigger future.