Alex Grimaldo

Decent player, sounds like a bargain at that price.

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Benfica fans on Reddit were not bothered to lose this guy at all.

Smells like Tavares all over again, no thanks.


We need midfielders. Delete this thread pls.

This is a good indicator, but not all the time though. I remember many Arsenal fans weren’t bothered when we lost Gnabry.

Many Southampton fans were not bothered of losing Cedric but he has shown them

Difference is that Gnabry was young and hadn’t played much for us whereas Grimaldo is 26 and has played over 150 times for Benfica.

Didn’t know this detail. Thanks for the update.

This smells like nonsense but if we lose out on Martinez and the club start cutting corners on the budget because of…well….you know, maybe we do a deal. Send Nuno back, bring Grimaldo in.

Actually he’s not bad I’ve seen a bit of him for Benfica he’s not anywhere near a great full back but contributes with a few goals and assists.
He’s definitely an upgrade on Tavares and fitter than Tierney.

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Thought he was good in both legs vs Ajax.

At that price it’s a ni brainer really and if Martinez is valued at 65 million I’d rather go for Grimaldo and use the extra 60 million for other targets

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We dont need a LB
Focus on the central midfield Mikel

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Yea thats what I said too but he wont listen

We already resigned Vieira so we might as well resign Grimaldo too.


We had a player called Grimaldo? I thought Grimaldo was a legendary clown.
I leave it up to others to make the inevitable jokes.

Anyone who doesn’t think we need a LB needs to take a long hard look at themselves :slight_smile:

And then watch Tavares

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We dont need a LB, and ive watched Tavares home and away :wink:

Please, dont take Grimaldo from us. U already took Tavares, what more do u want? Seferovic? Almeida?

Dont do it pls. Best LB at primeira liga and a superstar.


How average is he lol

I see you’re missing Tavares. Okay, you can take him back for 40m. I’ll allow it.