DIMA MAROCC :morocco::morocco::morocco::morocco:

Into the quarter finals. Alioui scores a screamer against defending champions Côte d’Ivoire.

I have a feeling we’re gonna end the long drought this year.


Defending champion Ivory Coast are gone.

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YEES, Ghana or Egypt in the next round.

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0-0 at HT. So nervous. Many key players injured but this is the best we have played as a team since 2004 during Zaki’s first stint as manager.

1-0 Egypt. For a country with such a rich AFCON history they have a lot of unknown players past and present. To me at least.

We had enough chances to score a goal and then in the end the Egyptians took over late in the game

Hope Elneny is fit for the final. We need another winner in the Arsenal squad.

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You defiantly deserved that game, we were lucky enough to get away with a late winner. Good luck in the WC qualifiers.

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Elneny just scored a very good goal in the final against Cameron. He hit the roof of the net from a funny angle.

Good luck to Egypt today. Nice goal.

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This will be heartbreaking for Egypt.

Youth very much beating experience in this one

Egypt side is very youthful as well, only 4 of them played African Cup before. I think average age was 25, in spite of their 44 years old goalie.

I wonder if Joël Matip has any regrets about missing AFCON to help Liverpool get 1 point in a month…

He played well in general terms. I enjoyed the game.

Hopefully he comes back with more confidence and a better level.

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3 out of 3 bro. Top of the group - I’ve got a feeling we’re gonna do it this year

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Yes bro, i’ve never been this confident before, we had to win against South Africa, we always had bad results against them before, the defense and midfield are pretty solid.

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:grimacing: :woozy_face:

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Yeah didn’t go as expected, might start watching another sport, football isn’t exactly doing me any favours lately.


No afcon LMS @Calum :santi: