AFC Bournemouth


Tbh he’s doing a frankly sensational job with them. Don’t think he should leave Bournemouth tho as they both fit well with each other


Bournemouth are the smallest club in the league by some distance, okay they have money and resources above their level that’s got them up here but they continue to rely quite a lot on players that were with them in the Championshio (and even League One?).

The guy has to go higher up the food chain than Bournemouth but it’s understandable why you’d be tempted to stick around there rather than take on Everton or West ‘aaaaam


Better than Silva, tbh.


If you think back to how you used to think about Wenger in 2004, that’s basically how the town of Bournemouth feels about Eddie Howe. As has already been said, Bournemouth are by far the smallest club in the PL and what’s looking like 5 consecutive seasons in the top flight is a very good achievement.

I think his success is partly down to the continuity he’s been allowed to have, so I can see why he wouldn’t want to give that up by moving to a “bigger” club with little actual competitive advantage (Everton, West Ham etc.) and then likely getting sacked a year or two later after a downturn of form (he’s had plenty of these btw).

If I was him I’d be looking at jobs like Spurs and if they’re not on offer then sticking with what I’ve got.
Why give up the freedom of control at the club and the adoration of the fans for any lesser a job?

On one hand you can argue if he takes an Everton and does well that’s the step in between him and the top 6, but those clubs are volatile and he could easily be in a worse position in 2 years through no real fault of his own.

He’s a manager who gives you one thing, decent attacking football. You can’t just go to Everton and deliver decent attacking football overnight. I mean Pep didn’t exactly hit the ground running with it at City. He’d he up against it in most other jobs.

Bournemouth have bought quite badly since they’ve been a PL club and I’d guess some of that was down to him.


They come to the Emirates in late February mate, let’s hope that barren away run continues for Eddie Howe and the Cherries.