AFC Bournemouth

Shame for him. Really like him as a player. Same shit that took him out for most of last season too. Not been scoring a ton this season but still a very important player.

If they stay up this is good news in the sense that it’ll probably put off his big summer move for another season but they’re definitely in trouble now.

You’d assume Big Sam will do enough to keep Palace up, Leicester surely won’t go down, Swansea probably have room for improvement and Boro aren’t exactly no-hopers while Bournemouth are stuck with what’s basically a Championship defence and keeper and they already have a knack of playing well and not getting points. I don’t think they’ll go down but it’s definitely a possibility.

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Even Bournemouth have their Diaby.
They need to pick up form soon, as they are literally collapsing atm.

How have they got the audacity to appeal this? He stamped on someone’s head ffs. It was as clear as day!

But it was Ibrahimovic’s head. That surely deserves complete exoneration, if not knighthood.


Brave tough english club! :xhaka:

You’re doing it again! :xhaka::xhaka::xhaka::xhaka::xhaka::xhaka::xhaka::xhaka::xhaka::xhaka::xhaka::xhaka::xhaka::xhaka:

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I love this! It’s not my fault :coq:

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Intention and all that. ManUtd will most likely do the same with the Ibra elbow.

Mings stamp was as intentional as Ibra’s elbow.

Oh come on, the stamp was far worse than the elbow. Both intentional though. And for what it’s worth, Man United have accepted Ibra’s charge. Just makes Bournemouth look a bit silly in my opinion.

I’m not making a judgement on which was worse but saying that they’ll argue there was no intention to do it. Not that I’d really agree but they’d be stupid to not at least try as the tv pictures have him being slightly blocked by Rooney before he attempts (or not) to jump over Ibra.

Yeah, fair enough. But stamping on someone’s head (even if he didn’t mean it, which I doubt) is still an awful thing to do, he should just say sorry and accept the punishment.

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Yea, it’s definitely an awful thing to do. We’ll just have to see. I reckon with Ibra accepting his ban the best thing Mings will get is a 3 games ban too, so any arguing will be damage reduction more than anything.

I don’t think intent should even be a consideration. If there is a guy on the floor make sure you don’t step on him and especially on his head. Otherwise get a ban.

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5 games ban it is… they’re not going to be happy

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Such a hard read. Can’t imagine what he went through. Massive respect to his friends and Howe for getting him through it. Great to see he’s now got a 2nd child. All the best Harry.


Not much fanfare but look where they are in the table, very quietly. Howe not looking so bad after all. I bet if Poch leaves the scum will hire this guy :grin:


Yeah I must admit Bournemouth & Watford are both really surprising me this season, fair play to both clubs. Credit to Eddie Howe for the job he’s doing.

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Seven straight away defeats for Eddie Howe. Does a fine job for them but dont think he would get offered anything bigger than Everton or West Ham now.
Also dont think he will leave while they stay in the prem. Not sure he has much ambition now.
In a job were he gets praise when they win and ignored when he loses.
Certainly dont think he could make a big enough difference at a bigger club.


He’s been dealing with injuries tbh and all in all his squad is nothing to write home about.

Quite harsh