AFC Bournemouth Vs Arsenal (PL)

Thursday 26 December
Premier League Match 19
The Vitality Stadium
KO: 15:00
:tv: LIVE on Amazon Prime

The Arteta era begins! We really need to start winning games. Let’s hope this is the beginnings of something special. COYG :red_circle::white_circle:

  • AFC Bournemouth win
  • Arsenal win
  • Draw

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They’ve lost 5 out of 6 themselves and we really should be winning games like this from now on if we’re serious about even a top 6 finish

After seeing the training pictures, it’s pretty clear Arteta has this under control. 5-1 to Arsenal.


Going to say 1-1, not sure we’ll get the new manager bounce everyone is hoping for. Confidence really is at an all time low.

Bournemouth are also in horrid form, but not sure we’ll have the courage to take it to them enough.

Going for our 18th 2-2 this season


We have to wait until sky change to the bottom half of the table now to see our position.

This is unbelievable stuff tbh :joy:

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Arteta bump win

1 1 Harry Wilson with a free kick. Pepe to get us a point.

Should win this if Arteta makes the team play the type of determine effort football he’s use to seeing at Man City.

If I remember right, we’ve only won 1 in the league in the last 10 with a relegation form 8 points in 30 over that time. With a league win rate all season of just 28 percent, an away win at Bournemouth looks difficult statistically.

I like Artetas early talk but now the rubber is about to hit the road. A win away in his first match in full charge will be a great start and a lovely festive season present. I’m not too optimistic based on recent form but even so, I’m feeling excited to see what Arteta brings and I’m at least a little bit hopeful.


At this point you just have to hope for a bounce (one that didn’t really occur with Freddie)… Arteta’s influence will probably make some difference, but realistically it will be next season that we see the true impact… we are going to suffer from Emery hangover (worse than Tequila) for the rest of the season… just gotta hope for a tiny bit of improvement and a return of some confidence.


I think January away from the pitch is the other half of this season’s equation.
Ideally a good defender would be good but it’s probably as much about what we let go.
Getting shut of a couple could be seen of at least a start to a different direction.

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I think we might get a win here, Bournemouth aren’t exactly in great form themselves. Hopefully we’ll get a bit of an injection of confidence from Arteta and that might carry us through.

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Ceballos back and ready to usher in Tetball :giroud2:


Boxing day! The Arteta era officially begins.

Not expecting big changes in the way we play so I wouldn’t be surprised if this is another draw. Having said that, am eager to see if there are any signs of Arteta’s coaching inputs in any player or the team as a whole.


Today consists off staying in bed watching Amazon prime four games to watch today :heart_eyes:


I’ll be watching, just hoping for any sort of improvement really.

Predicting extreme reactions whatever happens.


6-0 Arsenal or Arteta Out tbh.