Adrien Rabiot

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#announcemadness Would be a cracking signing.


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His mother (agent) is an absolute nightmare and he’s reportedly an asshat to boot, ideally we’d avoid this one.

With that said he’s free and considering we don’t have the biggest budget it wouldn’t be an awful signing particuarly as Emery already knows him and played him quite a lot.

He will have resale value plus should be able to ursurp Xhaka and so probably worth a punt for that alone, don’t see him coming here though since he has a head the size of Jupiter.



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Most people were saying avoid auba too because of his attitude…seems ok so far.

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RvP? Was a cunt coming and cunt going, but loved him while he was here.


I don’t recall anybody saying avoid but there a reasonable amount of scepticism about his attitude considering his behaviour at Dortmund, then again we are paying through the nose for his over 30’s nest egg.

In anycase I have concerns about Rabiot’s ability and mentality to contribute at this level

No brainer given he’d instantly be our best midfielder and he doesn’t eat into our transfer budget. So for me, this deal is what we should be going all out for.

There are questions marks about his attitude but he’s got a lot of growing to do and maybe this environment might help him mature.


Thought he was Barcelona bound, but with how Emery wants to play three centre midfielders Rabiot absolutely strengthens us.


Why is he leaving PSG? He plays a lot by the looks of things. Surely he’d be looking for a step (and £££) up?



In reference to the Auba deal, come on now, don’t be dense

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I’m pretty sure if I recall Aubameyang’s “attitude” issues stem from that Dortmund went back on their word (I believe in regards to being sold) and he wasn’t happy about it.

I don’t know if that qualifies as a attitude problem or a player who just simply felt he been wronged.

it was the other way round really, the guy was pretty much shamelessly flirting with other clubs to facilitate interest, that in the end just wasn’t reciprocal from top clubs. There’s a reason he landed at Europa league Arsenal

He repeated took liberties with his attitude and professionalism across two different managers. It’s all moot since he’s here now and his production is good

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It was a joke. Lighten up, Francis.

I stand corrected, I withdraw my previous comment. Cheers

He’d come here instantly on £100K+

Do we really need to do that if there’s a large pool to pick from at CM’s R Us?

I can see this guy replacing xhaka. Has a really good passing range and can attack and defend reasonably well

If Emery is going to replace Xhaka, I can see this happening.
We should get 15-20m for Xhaka and if Rabiot is on a free, then it would be a good piece of business.
A midfield with Torreira and Rabiot might be what we’ve been looking for.

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