Adrien Rabiot

I doubt Xhaka will be put on the transfer list, but if we were to sell him i’d hope we could get a substantially larger fee than that. I know some people like to be down on him, but he does have some qualities and he is worth more than £15m!


Yeah I think we should get 20+… people will feel that he just hasn’t fit our team, tactics, squad, and league perhaps but could be very useful elsewhere… just hope we are more ruthless and move on from guys like him this summer.

His best quality being that we’d maybe get 15-20 million for him.


Very much do not want him, even if I take his wages out of consideration (which ofc makes him even more unappealing)

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Emery the most silent prick manager. Draxler, Krychowiak, Neymar, Thiago Silva, Ben Arfa all seem to have no sympathy for the guy. :joy::joy:
He really hides it well.

Not good if the club want to go in one direction, while the manager doesn’t agree with it.

Everton? ffs…

Sounds like he’s Man Utd bound.

His entourage…so his mum basically.


Yes, Everton is about to overtake us next season.

Everton lollll poverty player

I find it strange that he’s available for free and there doesn’t seem to be much of a big fuss being made about him. What’s the deal? I know him and his mum are apparently problematic but you’d think more of a big deal would be made about his availability.

He sacked his Mum after failing to get a Barca move.

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Well, instead of paying whatever Barca want for Andre Gomes they might make a big investment on Rabiot.

Is he genuinely that good? Would he drastically improve our midfield?

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Isn’t Guendouzi a similar type of player?

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Pretty similar but I don’t think that’s too much of a problem. I could think of worse things than a Guendouzi-Rabiot* midfield tbh

*lists every Arsenal midfield combination at present

Suits our limited budget without compensating for quality. It’s a shame United have probably got their hands on him.


Good. Need to avoid attitudes like his like the plague.

Class player when he wants to be but if you think this Ozil nonsense is bad…


Hopefully its just lazy journalism him being a former Emery player and french.