Admin/Mod of the Year 2016

This poll will close on Thursday 15th December 19:00

  • Bl1nk
  • Craigie
  • Leper
  • Mysty
  • Shamrockgooner
  • Shill

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@Bl1nk @Craigie @Leper @Mysty @shamrockgooner @Shill

Vote for your Admin/Mod of the Year, from these choice of 6

My vote goes to @Craigie

You’ve been a fantastic addition to our admin team. Without you the move to Discourse wouldn’t of happened at all. Many thanks, great work and happy holidays. :christmas_tree:

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I was going to vote for you but yes forgot about Craigie’s input in new site.

Only poll I feel okay to vote.

Ahh I should have waited with my post :smiley:

Not much love for us then, @Leper :santi:

Come on, where’s my pity vote coming from this year?? :grinning:

[quote=“Leper, post:6, topic:1005”]
Come on, where’s my pity vote coming from this year?? :grinning:
[/quote]@g4e to come and save the day :ramsey:

Mysty, no doubt.

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Tbf all I do is sit around and look pretty


James :metal:

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Couldn’t ask for a better mod/admin team but I’ve gone for Mysty as I feel he’s made an extra effort to get activity flowing on the new forum. But well done all again for the almost seamless transition from the old forum.


Feel like sham has been underrated over the years, so went with him

I’m gonna vote Bl1nk so @Leper is the only one with zero votes


Cheers Elec. :slight_smile:

I’ve gone with @Craigie this year as he earned a promotion and I got to see all the behind the scenes work he’s put in since the change from vb.

@Mysty deserves a shout out too. :slight_smile:


Tough call as I like you all.

The forum change has been difficult for some but no doubt a change in the right direction so thank you mods for keeping the forum and making it better, I guess you work hard for it.

You all have amazing mental strength and good spirit and overall I wish you all… wait, I’ve not been nominated for anything?.. Can I un-vote? you all stink!!!

But for now, I’ll thank you all by inviting the first round of emoji beers:

Cheers fellas!! :clap:


Every year it seems my voters are somewhat of the slient type :sweat_smile: As always, thanks a lot!

I’ll echo the comments my colleagues have said, really great job by everyone, especially after the busy move over the Summer. Such a big job to get everyone over, amongst the weird virus attacks effecting OA as well. So much work had to be done in a short space of time to get this place right. I think we managed to pull it off well.

In particular @Craigie has been absolutely instrumental in getting this place up and running, along with all the various tech upgrades since. It’s a shame a lot of this effort doesn’t get seen behind the scenes. We’d have been pretty stuck without his efforts :slight_smile:

I’ll second Mysty’s sentiments. Craigie has been an absolutely vital member of staff during our transitional period, it’s just that so much of his work is behind the scenes so people won’t be so aware of it.

If I hadn’t given @Leper the pity vote he craved so much my vote would have gone to Craigie :raised_hands:


Many will say this was not a surprise :stuck_out_tongue: Four in a row! Thank you as always for those who voted for me. Always enjoy my time trying to make OA a better place and will continue to do so :heart:

Voting results

@Mysty - 18 votes
@Craigie - 7 votes
@shamrockgooner - 6 votes
@Bl1nk - 2 votes
@Leper - 1 vote
@Shill - 1 vote


Congrats Mysty. Too bad we didn’t get to hear about all the work done behind the scenes otherwise some of the votes would have been different. However Mysty does a good job of keeping all of the patients in the Asylum happy so it’s well deserved.

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