Achraf Hakimi

Send in a bid tomorrow morning!!!

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If we can’t stump up 70-80m for a transformative player like Grealish, no way we’re paying 40m for a fullback.


Can’t see it happening.

Probably a host of other clubs in line to sign him before us.

Inter paid EUR 40m for him just last summer. His value has only gone up since then.

City might be happy paying £50m for fullbacks every year, but shit, we can’t afford that.

This transfer is a non-starter for me. No way we are paying Auba / Lacazette money for a right back.

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It’s us and Bayern the ones interested so far. Most clubs are prioritizing other positions.

Conte gone. This is definitely doable now.
He’s the #1 target for RB, just get this done.



I see this transfer in the Grealish mould; pipe dream stuff that would cost a shit ton, and even then, more attractive clubs would surely be in for them

As of right now Bayern and Arsenal are the ones interested. Are they gonna spend big on him though?
Tuchel may look at him but I reckon they’re focused on bringing someone up top first.

Big worry is where Conte ends up. He might ask for him.

I think this has more legs than Grealish given we know RB is a priority, he’s the #1 name in the shortlist. His agent did say he loves Arsenal as well so there’s something to this for sure.
I guess that’s where we see the ambition of the club or we realize Arteta made empty promises in his pressers.


Dreams gone @GC-Maniac

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Aarons it is?

€60m is insane btw. €50m and that’s pushing it.
I wonder what they’ll ask for Lukaku.


Yeah no way they will get €60m when everyone knows Inter are in dire need of cash.

That’s what they’re trying to do really. They’re trying to sell one star player and some other not so important players to cover the debt.
This will go down to the wire I reckon so there’s always a chance.

PSG looking very ambitious again btw. Theo Hernandez, Hakimi, Camavinga? Neymar renewal? And they’re always tracking the situation with Ronaldo at Juve. Fucking ridiculous.

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Madrid should be bringing him back, it was a strange decision to sell him in the first place.

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Madrid are weird like that.


Well there you go. Done.


Like we were ever going to sign Hakimi?

Because we never signed players we shouldn’t be able to, right?

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Wonder if they might fancy Lacazette if they sell Lukaku.

That’s not a bad shout actually. I doubt they’ll offer much money for him though.