Achraf Hakimi

I’d be happy getting £20m for him as a 30 year old with 1 year of his contract left. Although I do think he could chip in important goals for us with a more creative set up.

No chance we get that for him now.
Really unlucky with his injury. Could’ve made the final and finish the season strong, that would have definitely bumped up his price.
I think at best we get £15m for him. Don’t forget his big wages.

Partey and Pepe? Especially in the latter case it’s obvious why other clubs left him for us.

Well, hindsight is always 20/20.
He was the hottest winger around at the time. :man_shrugging:

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He definitely didn’t carry the same hype other top players have. Lille rinsed us on that transfer tho. No argument there.

But anyway the Auba’s, Partey’s and Pepe’s only come here if they don’t have options. Hakimi was going to have options.

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Agree to disagree.

PSG taken for mugs here. Inter are playing with fire…

We never stood a chance lol

Does Traoré really fit Tuchel’s chelsea? Not sure.

As a wingback in that system and without responsibility to produce goals and assist, perhaps

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Interesting, starting over James?

I have a feeling Ziyech could be out

I don’t think any club will pay that. Even PSG.
PSG wanted Bellerin last summer as well. We quoted them with something like 25-30m, they walked away and signed Florenzi on loan.

Inter are naturally trying to sort out their debt right away. Selling Hakimi for 80m means that they won’t have to sell anyone else to balance the books.

There are other RB/RWBs available, probably not on Hakimi’s level but they certainly wouldn’t cost anything above 30m.

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Reading the fee is in the region of EUR 70m.

How can a fucking RB go for that much in this market?

Financial doping cunts