Abou Diaby


I feel sorry for him. Yes there are many who lost their careers to injuries(Dean Ashton comes to my mind, I feel bad for him/them as well), but whenever it’s an obvious talent, I do feel bad.
Especially when it is evident how much the player wants to make it work.

Not everyone is talented & capable of being great, so when that is not realised due to external factor, it’s a shame.



19 goals in 19 years…not great ratio.


A travesty. A tragic loss of talent only comparable in the recent history of western civilisation to that of Rimbaud, Lorca, or Aaliyah.


Diabys one good game in 15 will be missed for sure.


Abou :cry:


He is risking his ability to walk imo now.
Really should hang up & move on.

He has had enough time to think of an alternative career.


Terrible news for Marseille.



I assumed this bump was something to do with the Ballon d’or nominations.


We were mad to sell him, look how much he brings to the team :gunnersaurus:


Was it Abou’s sale that made Cuellar anti Wenger?


This guy is so unlucky. He didn’t deserve it.


Diaby’s had more ankle surgeries than Pogba has dabbed


That’s because Pogba rarely scores in order to do them, unless its a promo vid for himself or a sponsor


Nah, it was your posts.


You give me too much credit :kissing:


I’m thinking of going into business with Abou selling specialist injury treatment tables ,
His inside Knowledge of all things remedial will asurely be a plus for any forward thinking Club.
We can have different types of tables , The Wilshere ,The Welbeck are two in the Premiership from stockton and bottomly ,Surrey !


Prior joining Arsenal, what was his injury récord? Was he like this before?


He was fine but Dan Smith snapped his ankle and hes never been the same since .