Abou Diaby


Played 62 minutes vs Girona today in a friendly for Marseille and was named MOTM

Highlights of the game here



Good to hear, good luck to him.


That trophy is way too big. He’ll tear a fucking bicep or something lugging that about.


These two statements seem rather redundant.


When I saw the thread title, I fully expected this to be made by @AbouCuellar


If he plays 38 games he’ll get 38 MOTMs.


And a golden statue next to the Eiffel tower.


That would be one heck of a pre-season.


Didn’t know he was that good at FIFA or is it PES?


If he plays that many matches I’d want to know who their fitness coach is and get him to come here.


To be fair Craigie didn’t say that all the games have to be played in single season.


Get him back immediately :wenger:


More action in the Diaby thread than any rumour mill thread. Fucking shit.


It’s such a tragedy that a horror tackle ruined what could of been a world class player imo. Even now to me he looks like he’s running with a limp to someone who’s done the same due to injuries. Good luck to him though, hopefully he can adapt his game to his body.


It’s crazy how there are still no legal cases to stop these players to committing reckless challenges that ruin people’s careers and most importantly their dreams. Yes, Diaby got paid millions whilst nursing his injuries. But a footballer will always strive to fulfil their dreams and playing football is their passion. These players who ruin others’ careers are not just ending their dreams. They are ruining the club’s and the fan’s dreams. If Diaby had stay fit many things would be a lot different.


Abou Diaby has admitted it saddens him to hear people joke about his appalling injury record.

The former Arsenal midfielder suffered an astonishing 42 separate injuries in nine seasons in north London and was sidelined for the majority of his time in England.

“They say I’m ‘L’Homme de Verre’. It means that I’m made of glass,” he told the Daily Mail. “It can be painful, on a psychological level. They don’t know how much I give every day of my life to try and recover. But hey, what can I do? This is my life story.”

Diaby’s problems started in 2006 when he suffered a severe ankle injury following a poor challenge by Sunderland’s Dan Smith.

Immediately after the match, a 3-0 victory for Arsenal at the Stadium of Light, Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger said he would seek legal advice over the challenge due to Smith’s ‘bad intentions’.

And two years ago Wenger again brought up the foul, saying it was the cause of the injury hell endured by Diaby over the following years.

Diaby agrees.

“Of course it is the moment that killed everything,” Diaby said. "That’s where it all came from. It gave me a big restriction on my ankle and I overcompensated with other parts of my body. Before that, I’d never had a muscular injury, my lifestyle was good.

“But really, there is no resentment any more. I left it behind a long time ago. The only thing I wish is that it had happened later in my career. If it happened when I was 28, things might have been different. Between 19 and 27, I would have had time to progress, play every week and be the player I should have been.”


Abou :cry::cry::cry: Devastated for him. That cunt Dan Smith should have been done for GBH.


Full article

Speaks about not being comfortable doing his rehab at the training ground and his thoughts about quitting among other things.



Such a sad story for such a talented player. I’ll never forget that game against Liverpool where he really showed what he could do. Could have been the difference for us.


Sure his dreams of making it were crushed, as are 1000s of other promising careers of young players. But I find it difficult to feel sorry for someone who has been paid handsomely year in year out, looked after and cared for whilst millions of others struggle.

Yeah he’s had a poor career playing wise, but money wise he earned more than enough to not actually play. Good luck to him.


Literally gave no fucks about Diaby when he played for us and certainly ain’t going to start now.