Soooooooo, this abortion ban eh?

Those campaigning for a ban are great adverts for abortion.

These Republicans are pro life right up until the point when the baby is born, then they don’t give a fuck what happens to them.

Nasty cunts.


I have never dwelled deep into Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life debate, however why do I feel like there is a middle ground that no one is talking about.

Tell me something, Is it not possible to have the regulation wherein for first few months, we can allow abortion and after few months, we can ban it.

I would imagine it would be difficult to get a termination when the baby would be viable outside the womb.

Most terminations are very early in the process.

I used to be Pro-Choice(no reason, just a default stance) but this video is very powerful. We need to find a middle ground.

That’s what it is no?

24 weeks is the limit in the UK.

90% are done before 12 weeks anyways.


Ah cool, As i said I never bothered to dwell really deep.

Why do Americans make everything such a big deal?

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You should read the riposte to Dr Levatino. Lots of Gyno’s don’t agree with him.

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I think in the developed world, 24 weeks is pretty much the standard.

Crazy stuff that America is so medieval about this.

Agreed @JakeyBoy, so weird that they’re so insistent that poor families have to have kids and then completely wash their hands of them when they can’t afford them and moan about poor people having kids


People like this and the people that follow them.

Is that not Tony Abbott, the famously un-American Australian?


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They’re pro-birth, not pro-life. :wink:

I’ve got no idea. :grinning:

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I wonder if these are likely to end up with a challenge to Roe vs Wade.

There is a great Netflix doc “Reversing Roe” which goes through lots of the ways that states have brought in laws that diminish the meaning of that particular judgement be that local laws that prohibit abortions being performed within a certain distance of a school (may not have been specifically that) right up to the level we have just seen with the statewide bans now being implemented.

The legislators very much want to be challenged on this, right the way up to the supreme court where, given the current constitution of same it would appear they have a chance of reversing roe v wade.

Ireland just about a year ago voted by referendum to remove a constitutional ban on abortion and the first legal abortions happened at the beginning of this year. Having listened to some insufferable bile spouted from the “pro life” side including one guy who is a senator (Irelands upper house of parliament) stating that there is no evidence that mental health is actually a health issue i feel like this image sums up pretty succinctly the actual mind frame of a huge number of people in that particular camp.


Hypocritical, brainless morons innit.

These laws, especially the one just passed, were specifically designed to prompt lawsuits that give the Supreme Court an opportunity to consider Roe.

US Courts cannot issue advisory opinions so it requires a “ripe” claim to bring a suit.

The monsters who wrote and passed this legislation are counting on lawsuits. They’re hoping that decades of stacking the bench with political hacks will allow them to reap the benefits of controlling women. Why? Because they can. Not because they truly care about life or children or anything other than flexing foe the sake of flexing.

It’s a total disgrace and everyone involved with the drafting and passing of that legislation should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

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That is always a clincher for me in this debate.
I rather see a kid brought up in a proper environment rather than raised as a regret by parents who were never ready for parenthood.

That is effectively 2 lives whose quality of life has detoriated.

I find it funny nobody has spoken about the New York abortion bill; you the know the one that is abortion at any time.

Btw which has removed the double murder count of you happen to kill a pregnant woman.

Her body her choice right.

More black children are aborted than born in America. :ok_hand:t5: