Aaron Ramsey

Out of any context… But it just got me thinking, an in form, fit Ramsey, would absolutely brilliant in this team in stead of Xhaka. Just imagine all the goals and assist he would ger if he had the space Xhaka has, also he’d get a decent amount of tackles etc… It would be a role tailor made for him.
Most of the time he was playing as a 10, as a winger, or as a CM in a two man midfield… none od those roles really suited him.

But obviously, I’m not regretring he’s not here, you could maybe count on him to be on the proper level for about a month per season. Watching him regaining his form after his mandatory injury, struggling with basic football stuff was absolute torture.

Yeah he would be better because he would be better fucking coached.

I had a soft spot for him when he was here, probably cause of the injury he suffered early on in his career. But he’d have done absolutely fuckall here in any role. The guy had his contract terminated by Juve and couldn’t cut it a bloody rangers, no way he’d have done anything meaningful if he stayed here, especially on wages he was demanding.

Couldnt wait for him to leave when he was with us

Glad he went

Even more glad he didnt return

I always said this was the spot for him to play, he needed to be in a midfield 3 with more focus on going forward because his positional flaws could be covered by the other two.

Not sure what make up of the other two would be best: Ramsey - Partey - Odegaard still feels like we’d put a lot of pressure on Partey, but for sure Ramsey was never a double pivot player and we wasted years using him that way.