Aaron Ramsdale (1)

Shouldn’t escape criticism for that goal tbh. 50 yards ffs

Happened to one of our all time greats and something we just need to chalk down as a freak occurrence, annoying as it was.

If one of our guys scored it we’d be lauding the strike, not laughing at the keeper. It happens.


Fucking love that hahaha

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Was there when we needed him today. Lady luck was with him too for that Zaha shot.


90% sure he gets a finger tip to Zaha’s shot and that diverts it onto the post. Top save


and unlike Emi Martinez, doesn’t head the ball into his own net.

Need a better angle and it becomes the new Jordan shrug meme.

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We spoke about this

You need those things to go your way when your going for the title
Both at Villa and yesterday, both situations went our way

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Apparently his nickname is The Lizard? Very, very strange.

Considering our style of play that’s very impressive.

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Shoutout to our scouting as well, because we tried to buy Raya the season before we bought Ramsdale.

Raya is absolutely amazing and a huge part of how Brentford play - they’ll be lucky to keep a hold of him for much longer.


I swear frank basically admitted he’s off in the summer, can’t remember where I heard it now but it was certainly like he was resigned to losing him.

I think he only has one year left that’s why.

Yeah did we not try for him in 2020 then got Runnurson instead :joy:

When we were first linked with him in 2020 I really wasn’t keen.

If you catch some of his blunders he looks like a clown, usually due to his unorthodox positioning. Ramsdale has that too.

I did keep an eye out for him the following season in the Championship though and you soon realize that he’s top keeper and his distro was fantastic. He was the one I wanted in 2021 over Onana, we got neither though, probably for the better because Ramsdale is simply phenomenal.

I was thinking Szczęsny :arteta4:

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Oooh, so we did get a hat-trick of March prizes then.

Bloody Jonny, we could have cleaned up.