A four day working week

I’d be really interested in how they would do this if it ever happened haha

Well generally people who work Monday-Friday currently wouldn’t go to work on Friday in addition to Saturday and Sunday :grin:

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I feel some might prefer a Monday off haha

It rotates your day off in our place.

It isn’t exactly a new concept. Some of my team work a compressed week and it works really well. Obviously some jobs and roles suit this more than others, but a good work-life balance is important and if it helps ease the pressure on travel and the environment even better. I think a lot of people will work more flexibly after the pandemic, certainly those that can, and that’s something positive in my view.


I’m more likely to end up working six days than four I’d imagine. Am probably putting in about 50 hours most weeks since the pandemic.

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I’m the same. 50-60 most weeks easy. Sometimes more depending what I’ve got on. Hence I recognise the importance of a work-life balance because I ain’t got one!

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To be honest, the software industry works like 4.5 days a week anyway, or at least that’s been my experience here in India and the little time I spent in Singapore. Very little work gets done post noon on a Friday. People usually head out for lunch, which gets extended, and then they leave work early. So, it’s not a big stretch from there to a 4 day week, but then the bosses would have to acknowledge that we don’t do much on a Friday, which won’t happen.

I remember Microsoft trying a 4 day week in Japan and found an increase in productivity, among other things.


Not in favour.
I can only imagine how slow development would be, considering how much these dumb developers fuck up all the time, doing no unit testing. I will have zero patience for lousy development compared to immense leeway I afford now.

It’s the business analysts fault in my experience. :eyes:

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In my experience Indian developers tend to have this reputation in Europe where they’re used for outsourcing to save money.

I don’t know why, but I assumed they wouldn’t have the same reputation in India too :ozil:

I don’t have much experience with other developers. I will assume only Indian developers are shit and say I detest Indian developers. Very few have the proactiveness to actually understand what they are building.

I don’t know how they achieve cost saving considering I always reject their development 6-7 times during my UAT.

And its not just their man hours but also my hours that are wasted explaining the same concept again and again. Taking all that into consideration, it is better to just hire a really talented and proactive developer.

Also SCRUM/Agile is a farce. Fraud system leading to partial development all the time.

As a freelancer i can generally pick my own hours. I often work longer one day so I can chill the next. I definitely prefer it that way.

COVID seems to have promoted flexible working, which is only a good thing. My old company were so regimental. You work your set hours, no leeway. So if you had an appointment, they’d make you take a half day holiday rather than let you make up a couple of hours elsewhere in the week.