89 The Film


We are one of the top 10-15 clubs in world football right now


I think to be a super club you’d want to be considered in the top 8 or so clubs in the World. Whatever way you look at it, a super club wouldn’t go 14 seasons without winning its domestic league, or 8 years since making the last 8 of the CL.


You said this first:

And then you basically said including all the clubs he has managed is a good way to judge him. So I was just wondering how you would rate Wenger if he was to fail at wherever he went next. Like I said, I was just curious.


But as I say greham didn’t fail at Leeds and spurs and I’m not saying what he did their proves he isnt very good, it actually confirms he was good, he won a trophy at both those clubs I’m pretty sure, my point was he didn’t lay the ground Work their in the same way he apparently did for wenger, though I guess you could say that could Be More to do with whoever took over at those clubs after he left…

To answer your question though i think if Wenger was to take over another club and didn’t do very well that wouldn’t change my opinion as to how good he had been previously In his career in he same way if GG hadn’t done very well at Leeds and spurs that wouldn’t have ment he wasn’t a good manager for us


Who has seen this? Just got round to watching it. Incredible. I just wish I had been around for it.

As the film went on, I gradually slipped further forward in my seat. From Lee Dixon being pinned to the wall and being told that as a northerner he had no idea what the NLD meant and that if he didn’t perform there would be trouble. GG’s tactics. Merson winning young player of the year and not wanting it. Winterburn basically making fun of John Barnes for not taking the ball into the corner.

I liked the coverage of Hillsborough too, because when the film came out, Liverpool fans said “well they must have forgotten about Hillsborough”. They didn’t. They served it well. The players cried about it. Merson said he didn’t want his award because of that. They all had a bunch of flowers each for that final game.

But mostly the part where they showed the actual match. When I get nervous I do exercise routines (I know that sounds weird). I was on the edge of my seat even though I knew what happened and I ended up on the floor stretching my legs and putting them behind my head. I know we all know what happens but watching it, you forget that. And also, you forget how young some of these players were. I mean, some of them were our main players in the late 90s.

I just wish I was around for that moment. Sorry if this offends anyone, but being there for that second goal must be > invincibles.


As a football match, it doesn’t get much more exciting than that.
I’ve seen Cup finals that are as a good but for the League title to be decided in the last few minutes of a game between the only two teams that could win it, and also Liverpool, who were arguably the best team in Europe, losing at home by two clear goals which hadn’t happened for several seasons, was amazing.

It was before regular matches were shown on TV and very few League matches were on, so what made it more exciting was that it was on a Friday night and it was the first time a league game that would decide the title been shown live on TV.

I was watching at a mates house, and there were quite a few of us, but with a few minutes to go we were getting ready to leave for the pub, because we didn’t want to watch Liverpool celebrating winning the League title in a season where we had thrown away a ten point lead.

Then we scored, and there was a pile of us in the middle of the room, and others running out the front door screaming their heads off, and I remember getting to the pub and never seeing so many Gooners and they were all going mad, some were almost in tears.

I went to quite a few games that season but to have been there to watch that epic game must have been unbelievable, and I’ve seen it loads of times on video and is still exciting to watch.

That was the best Arsenal match, but the Invincibles was the best Arsenal season and team.


That was basically what they said in the film. Apparently even the ref said it was all over.

Yeah probably. But in terms of excitement - That match wins hands down. With the Invincibles, there wasn’t a “moment”. 89 will never be repeated. Actually made me shiver.


You’re right, the League will never have a more dramatic finish than that.
How some people compare the Man City PL win is ridiculous.


The Man City title win was insane but they were up against 10 men relegation fodder at home, nothing will top Arsenal winning by 2 clear goals at the home of the direct rival in 1989 with the 2nd one in the last minute.


Completely forget to say in my review, that at the end of the film, the last thing it said was “for the 96”


City doesnt compare as the QPR players had been told they where safe before the Aguero goal.


Were you there?


Anfield yes. Was not going too tbh after the draw with Wimbledon. I was so pissed off with that performance a complete bottle job really.
Anyway ended up going. Had tickets for stands and was right in line for the winner. Most people went mental. I was sat frozen unable to comprehend what had happend.
I remember Thomas making a late interception in the box and jumping in the air realising that it was going to be ours.
Then it was over and life was great. Im not articulate enough to put it into words. It was just a week, game, moment of every emotion its possible to feel with football.


You were actually there? Oh my god. I can’t imagine that. Don’t feel bad, I don’t think anyone could put that situation into words.


My pet hate in football now is that the trophy we won that day is now used for the winners of the championship.
Feels like its a symbol now to say that this is the level that football represented before the Premiership.


Good interview with Lee Dixon on the film and the season, team etc.