89 The Film


Have to say I’m really looking forward to watching this, looks very well made. Had its world premiere tonight and out officially to buy on 20th November!


Going to need a spoilers alert on this. Dont want to know the ending on any reviews on here.


I’m guessing the world premiere of this film won’t be in Liverpool or Tottenham.


Wont beat Fever Pitch


WHAT?! Arsenal existed before Arsene Wenger founded them in 1996?

Fake news


Georgie Graham . THE greatest manager in Arsenal’s history. I’m not interested in the bungs , couldn’t give a shyte about them , in fact , good on him .
Graham came to the Arsenal grabbed the club by the shorts and turned it into a club that had team spirit, discipline and fight but furthermore knew what the badge on the shirt meant.
Without Adams , Dixon , Winterburn, Keown , Parlour and Wright Wenger wouldn’t have had a platform to build on .
Graham won a European trophy, Wenger hasn’t .
Graham never lost 8-2 to our bitter rivals .
GG took the 89 squad up to Anfield to do a job against all odds , the home of Liverpool, the media’s darlings.
The confidence Graham took and installed into the squad can never be repeated. The rest is history.
All I can say is “ Thank you Georgie Graham for giving me the one of the greatest nights of my life , if not the THE best “



I went to that game.
Let’s just say all the Luton supporters came in the same coach.


Why didn’t he have the same sucsess at spurs or Leeds after he left us if he’s that good?


Obviously I wasn’t following it then or even old enough, but statistically based you still have to give GG a lot of credit. The circumstances he won the 89 title in needing a 2 goal win away at your direct rival is as tough as it gets.
His 91 title only suffering 1 defeat and conceding 18 goals is also brilliant, consider this we have almost conceded 18 goals this season and it’s only November.


Who is remotely interested in what GG done at Spurs and at Leeds ?
I’m not .
It’s what he achieved at Highbury that is important. It’s the foundation that he left Wenger , a foundation that Wenger cannot build .


In fairness in Wenger’s early years he did build on it & combined the Toughness of what GG left with the flair that Wenger bought into the club, which led Arsenal playing the most beautiful football for the best part of a decade.


Well it’s quite a good way to assess how good he actually was isn’t it?


So how good do you think he was and how would you judge the 89 moment in our history.


he was good, didn’t actually do too badly at spurs or leeds, He’s didn’t build a defence so good that the next manager that took over had the foundations to build a super club like wenger did when he took over at arsenal though

89 is second only to the invincible IMO

Fever pitch is absolutely one of my favorte films I used to watch it like once a month until about 15


Just out of curiosity, if Wenger leaves us before he dies, and then monumentally fails at a couple of clubs - would you say he wasn’t as good too?


When you say “ super club “ do you mean Arsenal 98-2006 ? Or you still think Wenger has us as a super club now ? Because we are far from a super club as things stand.


Personally think the double winning side in 2002 was better than the invincibles.


Wasn’t much in it as that double winning side was brilliant, very similar team though if I being honest, the additions would have been Lehmann? Gilberto ? Toure ?. Keown partnered Sol for most of 2002, Richard Wright/ Seaman in goal ? It’s somewhat of a travesty we didn’t win it in 2003 as we were the best side and it really should have been 3 in a row.


George Greham didn’t fail at spurs and Leeds though did he? I’m not saying George greham wasn’t great, I’m saying he is not the reason wenger wasn’t so successful, not perticularly controversial IMO