25 years of the Premier League

There’s been a couple of articles going round, about the 25th anniversary of when an English manager last won in the top flight of English Football, what does it mean for the future of homegrown managers going into the Future. Can one ever realistically win the League again? Pretty interesting reads.

No offence Steve, but it’s hardly an image problem when it comes to you being so bloody useless, to get sacked from Derby twice :joy:

It certainly is an issue, when you compare it to other Leagues across Europe, I guess the wealth and success of the PL has come at a cost of homegrown players and managers. I don’t know how on earth you’d address something like this though.

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Yes Schteve can’t for the life of me see why English managers aren’t taken seriously.

The next English manager to win the league here probably hasn’t been born yet

Eddie Howe d00d.

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His grandfather hasn’t been born yet.

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Roberto Martinez maybe or does he still count as foreigner? :stuck_out_tongue:

They never win the league because they play an old, outdated football. They do believe “kick and run” can still win you something.

Allardyce, Pulis, Redknapp, McClaren etc, came nowhere near to winning the PL title, they were better at keeping teams from being relegated.

As for McClaren saying English managers are hampered by an image problem, it’s his own stupidity that is stopping him from realising what a ridiculous thing that is to say.

The only decent English managers around who aren’t in that old fashioned mould are Howe and Hughton, and they haven’t come close to winning anything either.

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Plenty of shit foreign managers round too tbf. For every Conte theres a Zola.

That’s true, but managers like Pulis, Allardyce, McClaren, Redknapp, Bruce and even Hughes, although I know he’s Welsh, seem to get jobs consistently in the PL, even though they never win anything.
Before that Souness and Robson were always in demand even though they never achieved anything in the English League.

Those managers have been constantly swilling round the PL on the managerial merry-go-round and none of them have achieved anything between them, which is poor considering how many clubs, and how many seasons they have been here.

I agree there are poor foreign managers as well, but generally the bad ones don’t stick around as long.

Well the overseas ones dont stay because there not British really. Like them or not but Allaydyce, Pulis and probably Hughes are premier managers to me.
They only attract a certain level of club but keep teams a float generally.
At the end of the day a scots man is the most successful manager in prem history.
Most likely now the best managers will come from abroad now but just think its an over simplification to use Pulis and co as a comparison to Conte, Mourinhio, Klopp etc.

25 years since the Premier League begin. BBC currently doing a 5 part feature of the history of the League, quite fun looking back on things that happened during each of these periods :smiley:

Alan Hansen’s “You’ll never win with kids”, is always a comical moment.

Arsenal feature in the ‘team of the era’, the double winning side of 97/98.


Looks like the PL is part of the #92crew aswell @Persona :wink:

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So it’s 25 years off the premiership so using BBC sport you can create ur first 11 from the last 25 years off the premiership. Here my team

@mysty already has a thread on this lister! :slight_smile:

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Merged and Moved :slight_smile:

My team. Try beating that!

Also why the fuck is Hazard in the drop down list but not Pires?!?!


Because Walcott is better than Pires so they thought it would be a waste of time having him as an option.


Liverpool can’t still win it.

You’ve got so many goals in that frontline wouldn’t you want to replace lampard or Gerrard with someone more defensive to allow Vieira and Lampard/Gerrard to roam forward more? Sick team though.

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