25 years of the Premier League



I think you’ve spelt Bergkamp wrong…


Aguero maybe deserves a place in an all time Premier League XI


Nah, don’t rate him.


you disgusting human being :cech:


I’m sorry, I think we’re speaking different languages. Can you please repeat that?


Can you rate a player who played in a different era to your time watching footy? Bergkamp for example had already retired but his legacy and some of his goals shows he was a great player




I guess Bergkamp’s legacy helps his case then


If there was ever a player who is easy to appreciate it’s Dennis Bergkamp. He mystified me growing up and now that I’m older I still don’t understand how he made the complex look so simple.

It’s certainly easier to rate a player who you watched week in week out but some players are so incredibly special that even just by watching their highlights and repeats you can tell they have a kind of ability that doesn’t come around too often.


So hipster with Ivanovic and Suarez



Since I’ve become a die-hard Qarabagista I don’t degrade myself with such low level hipster anymore.


I did one then it didn’t load properly. I had Shearer and Bergkamp as my front two…


Here’s the 25 year table taken in May 2017

Huddersfield would be 48th and Brighton 49th


Leeds United 13th overall despite being relegated in 2004 haha. Shows how well they did before going bankrupt


Looks like the entire country got the wrong answer too :dizzy_face:


I think he’s spelt Gerrard wrong as well.

Bergkamp is the epitome of class.
Ozil is the nearest we have had to his talent, in the way he can also make the difficult look easy.
But the difference between the two is that Bergkamp was more consistent, stronger physically and mentally and scored goals that are regularly played on greatest goal compilations.
Also Bergkamp played in the greatest attacking side in Europe, winning trophies every season and being part of the Invincibles.

As much as I like Ozil, it shows how far our standards have dropped, when he is considered our second best player.


Giggs is the most overrated player in PL history. Absolutely does not deserve to be there. I’d put Pires there or even Hazard before I’d think about Giggs. And if I wasn’t about to sleep I’d probably list a few more too.


Good point, Harry kewell and Darren huckerby and criag Bellamy are a few I’d name lol