21/22 season predictions

I mean that is literally exactly right.

Just look at us in pre-season: just as toothless and incompetent in attack as we have been for 18 months.

I doubt Arteta gets sacked though, I think they’re going to do a Utd + OGS and back him to the hilt.

I’ve just gone on Amazon to order some bunting and fireworks for the street party. :grinning:

I listened to that. That Arsenal fan they had on is always negative about us. The others on there weren’t so down about Arsenal though.

I’m not going to judge us on pre season. We do have some decent players, if they can stay fit and click then there is no reason we can’t improve on 8th.

Things will look nasty after our opening 10 games.

He’s gone if he fucks them up

I hope so but if that’s the case why would let him dictate our transfer policy with big signings like £50m on White and letting him fuck up our relationship with player assets like Guendouzi and Saliba?

If the club have it in mind to fire him in the short term if results aren’t up to scratch I don’t see why they’d give him so much power over our dealings.

I think they’ve totally bought into his ideas and strategy and will basically give him as long as it takes (like OGS) or we actually have a relegation scare.


The board are fully behind Arteta and they must have fallen for all the spiel in his interview, when he convinced them he was the right man to take us forward.

The problem is, although Arteta is sackable, the board aren’t and if they do get rid of him, the next manager is likely to be just as inadequate.


We may do a bit better but hard to be confident as we haven’t really strengthened the squad yet in any material way.

White is probably a small upgrade on Luiz and Lakonga a small one on Ceballos. Tavares a bit more depth at left back now. But Odegard going leaves the creative midfield weaker unless we sign a replacement. Lack of goalkeeper cover for Leno a concern too although Onana an obvious choice if we could get him.

All in this needs Arteta to do a much better job (questionable) if we want to push on with this current squad.

No chance whatsoever of challenging for the title on the run in but an outside chance of top 4 (but probably worse) is my most realistic prediction as things stand.


I think we’ll be 5th or 6th but pretty far off the top four.

We’ll probably come out of the window with essentially the same squad we had last spring with a couple improvements - White for Luiz, Lokonga for Ceballos, a backup LB. That squad was probably the 5th or 6th best team in England. We have some room to improve with so many young players who should be getting better year on year. But we just won’t improve enough to catch the top four unless one of them has a horror season.

I think our competitors for the 5-6 spots are also just pretty crap. Vardy looks potentially cooked and the Fofana injury really hurts Leicester, even if they sign Vestergaard to replace him. I don’t think Spurs are much better than last year. Romero is a nice buy but he will probably need time to settle and he is replacing Alderweireld, who was still their CB last year. On the side of the ledger, they have lost Bale, who was a productive player when on the field for them, and can’t expect the same production from Kane and Son who had outlier seasons. West Ham has essentially the same exact team but they have to play in Europe and other squads will have had a full year to figure out how to counter their playing style, I could see them regressing.

We’re right in the mix with these other crap second tier teams, except we won’t have to deal with Europe so I expect that to bring us up toward 5th or 6th rather than 7th or 8th.


Pretty much spot on this mate.

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I genuinely love your optimism, unfortunately I don’t share it.
I think we will end up 9th or 10th…God, I hope I’m wrong…

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That’s a pretty fair assessment, I don’t think much is between us and Spurs, I do think the potency in the final 3rd of Kane and Son will be enough for them to finish above us for a 6th straight campaign though.

We just have to hope Kane stays on strike all season.

Could push for a Top 4 place if some of our youngsters make a big step up this season, especially ESR. Or else, could be another season where we finish 7th or 8th.

Because it was easier. If sentiment shifts entirely against him it will be easier to fire him and that’s what will happen.

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I said I would wait until the window closes before doing it properly.
Last season I said we would finish mid table and this season is no difference except we’ll be a lower, possibly above relegation, if Arteta isn’t sacked.

  1. Man City
  2. Chelsea
  3. Man U
  4. Liverpool
  5. spurs
  6. Everton
  7. Leicester
  8. West Ham
  9. Aston Villa
  10. Arsenal
  11. Wolves
  12. Leeds
  13. Brighton
  14. Southampton
  15. Newcastle
  16. Burnley
  17. Brentford
  18. Crystal Palace
  19. Watford
  20. Norwich

Champions League - PSG
Europa League - Leicester
FA Cup- spurs
League Cup - Man City

Top scorer

  1. Kane
  2. Lukaku
  3. Salah
  4. Fernandes

Obviously Ronaldo will be up there as well.

Golden Boot winner?

Who will be the winner of the Golden Boot
  • Kane
  • Lukaku
  • Salah
  • Ronaldo
  • Other (Calvert-Lewin, Antonio, Bamford, Son. etc)

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